How do I subscribe to the mailing list?

The mailing list is separate from the blog and you can subscribe/unsubscribe to one or both. The mailing list is intended for urgent/time pressing messages. In general our preferred method of communication is via the blog.

To post a message to all the list members, send email to: You must be a member to post.

To subscribe or unsubscribe go to:

How do I post a YouTube video to the blog?

1. Create a new post

2. In a separate window, go to You Tube and highlight (select) all of the html code that is in the “Embed” field (this field can be found by clicking share and then click embed). Copy (ctrl-c or use the menu options and go to edit/copy) the code.  When posting a video from sites other than YouTube, try to find something that says “embed code” and copy it.

3. Switch your view to “HTML” from “Visual”. Paste the embed code into the body of your post (ctrl-v or use the menu options edit/paste). Change the width to “500” and the height to “350”.

4. Click “Save.” (the save button is just to the right of the body of the post)

5. Click “Preview this Post.” Verify that the video appears in the post. (the “preview this post” button is just to the right of the Title)

6. Click “Publish.” (next to save)

7. Voila, you’re finished.

Please let me know if I can edit this post in any way to make the instructions clearer.

How do I insert a photo into a post?

  1. Create a new post. Click Save Draft.
  2. Click Edit Post.
  3. The draft post will open up in wordpress w/ Visual or HTML option (tabs). Choose Visual.
  4. Click Upload/Insert, which is just above the post toolbar near the left of the screen.
  5. Add Media box opens w/ From Computer tab selected. Select your photo.
  6. After your photo uploads, you can scroll down in the Add Media box. Select an Alignment. Click Insert into Post button.
  7. Finish editing and publishing your post. Don’t forget to select categories.