Please see the FAQ further down on this page for basic information about the Sunday Practica. Or visit the how-to-use-this-blog FAQ.

The Rueda Calls Wiki is for keeping track of the calls we use regularly and the ones we’ve just learned. Our practice depends on volunteers to bring in new calls and to refresh us on old ones. Have a look at the Seattle Rueda Call List for detailed description and video links of the calls.

New to Rueda, and want to know the most important steps and skills? Check out our list of Survival Skills & Building Block Steps.

Thinking about teaching a new move at the Sunday Practica, or helping us review an old one? Our Peer Teaching Guidelines can help.


Practice FAQ: (  The Blog  FAQ is here )

What is Sunday Practica?

Rueda is a community dance–you can learn it with or without going to classes, but you can’t learn it without practicing with a group. Sunday Practica is a time for people to who love Rueda to practice together. We’ve been meeting for 2 hours on Sunday afternoons every week for more than 10 years now–come and join us!

What happens during the two hours? What if I’m still learning/practicing basic moves?

If there are folks needing practice on basic moves, we’ll have a circle with calling at a basic level for the first hour (from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM).
From 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM, callers will call at an advanced level. Beginners can practice with a partner during this time–we can’t guarantee there’ll be someone calling at basic level. But it’s great practice to dance Casino outside of a Rueda.

Are we meeting this Sunday?

Yes. We meet every Sunday UNLESS you see a prominent notice that it has been cancelled. We have cancelled Sunday Practica on average about 3 times a year. To be sure, go to the Home page and look at the top of the page where there is a small box showing upcoming events and cancellations.

What time are you meeting this Sunday?

From 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Where are you meeting this Sunday?

From mid-September or early October, through late May or early June, we meet indoors. Starting December this will be at SHIFT studio in Fremont. Please read this important info here. There is free street parking on Sundays, plus a couple of low-cost pay lots within a block.

In the Summer we meet outdoors at the Wallingford Steps, located at the South End of Wallingford Avenue where it meets Gas Works Park. If it’s raining, we meet at the covered picnic area on the east side of Gas Works Park. Just follow the music…

During May-June and September-October, check The home page will tell you where we’re meeting.

How much does it cost?

Suggested donation $2-5 at each practice you attend. We want everyone to come and dance, regardless of income, so please consider donating $5 if you are feeling financially comfortable. The money goes directly toward renting the space.

What if I’m new to … Rueda / Casino (Cuban Salsa) / Dance?

If you you’re completely new, please consider taking ‘Rueda de Casino’ classes (Rueda/Casino/Cuban Salsa) before or concurrent with joining the Sunday Practica. Our home page lists several ongoing classes. Your are welcome to come and check out a Sunday Practica before committing to classes, to see what Rueda is all about. If you need a refresher on Rueda basics–come when we start at 4:30 PM. We’re happy to share what we know, from demonstrating the basic step to calling Ruedas that let us all practice the building blocks. This might occur in a separate circle if there are enough people working on basics, or advanced dancers who want to hone their technique. But please bear in mind that this is not a class, and the dancers showing steps are volunteers. At some point around 5:30 PM we’ll switch to advanced calling. Dance as long as you’re comfortable, watch and shadow steps from the outside, or pick out a call that you’d like to learn and ask someone who knows it to show you. You also are always welcome to practice with partner outside of a circle.

If you’re relatively new to Rueda or are not sure which circle to dance in, check out our list of Survival Skills & Building Block Steps. When you are skilled at these things you are ready for more advanced moves.

Please remember that Rueda de Casino calls may be different in different places, but that is all part of the fun!

What if I’ve been dancing for years and don’t want to dance basic Ruedas every week?

Things will really pick up around 5:30 PM, so come and dance your heart out.

Do you like to call? Even better.

Are you just learning to call or do you want to try calling for the first time? Sunday Practica is a great place to practice your calling skills.

Are you a ‘Follow’ wanting to learn to ‘Lead’? Or a ‘Lead’ wanting to learn to ‘Follow’? We welcome that too. Just let us know!

What should I bring?

Comfortable shoes that will NOT scratch the dance floor. Any shoes that don’t mark the floor and are reserved for dancing and never worn on the street are fine–they don’t need to be ‘dance shoes’.

Music you like to dance to. (We bring music, but new music is always welcome, especially new or hard-to-find Cuban music! We can play from an iPod, iPhone or other MP3 device.)

Friends, bring lots of Friends… 🙂

What is ‘Salsa Suelta’, and Who should participate?

Everyone should participate in dancing ‘Salsa Suelta’! Periodically, we’ll have ‘Sueltas’ during Practica time. ‘Salsa Suelta’ means we are dancing without partners. We all face the same direction and practice footwork combinations. We do this to work on rhythms, body movement, and footwork–and because it’s fun! It’s somewhat like a class, in that someone will be leading the ‘Suelta’ session.

Dancers at all levels are encouraged to come practice ‘Sueltas’. The footwork will range from basic to challenging, and much of it corresponds to the footwork we use while dancing Rueda de Casino.  When the steps become more challenging, you have the option of shadowing other dancers, continuing to practice basics without the fancy stuff, or just watching. Dancing ‘Suelta’ is a great way to work on your dance skills.

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

Email any questions or comments to

Hope to see you on Sunday!

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