See the information below on Seattle’s Instructors and Classes:


Instructor: José Carrión
Teaches:   Afro-Cuban-Haitian Folkloric dance, Cuban Son, Rumba,Casino, Mambo, Pilon, and Cha-cha-cha.
Contact: Neva Barry & José Alfredo Carrión

Jose is a percussionist, choreographer, and former principal dancer and corps professor of Ballet Folklórico Cutumba de Santiago de Cuba.  Learn traditional Cuban dance and percussion from a true master! Classes include Conga Santiaguera and rumba percussion, Afro-Cuban-Haitian folkloric dance, Cuban Son, Rumba, and popular dances such as Cuban-style Salsa (Casino), Mambo, Pilon, and Cha-cha-cha.

For a full schedule of classes, including prices, visit


Instructor: Maiensy Sanchez
Teaches:   Casino, Rueda de Casino, Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo, Bolero, Son, Body Movement (styling) and Intro to Rhythm.
Maiensy teaches in clave (on the four).
Contact: Email:
Website: Under construction
Facebook: Maiensy Cuban Dance Classes

Maiensy began teaching popular Cuban music and dance while working at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores (TEC) de Monterrey, Mexico, in 1996.  She created and developed a curriculum for the International Programs department‘s exchange students.  In 1999, she pioneered the Cuban style of dance instruction in the Seattle area.  As a born-and-raised Cuban, and having grown up in a family of stage artists, she adds her firsthand experience to a class environment that is as meaningful as it is entertaining.  Her teaching style incorporates her background in socio-cultural anthropology and 13 years of professional music training.  Her teaching method draws from her biological father, an established stage actor, and her father Fernando Alonso, creator of the Cuban School of Ballet and one of the founders of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, both currently on the island.  Maiensy has received training in ballet, jazz, modern dance, flamenco and West African dance.  She has performed at the New Orleans International Ballet Conference (as assistant  to master Roberto Borrell) and a number of local venues, including Benaroya Hall.  Maiensy is available exclusively for privates, pre-arranged group lessons and workshops.

For information on current learning opportunities, please, contact Maiensy via email or Facebook, or see links on the home page of


Instructor: Reinier Ramos Valdes
Teaches:   Casino, Rueda de Casino, Afro-Cuban and Son
Contact: (425) 346-0508
Facebook: Reinier Ramos Valdes

Reinier Valdes was born in Habana, Cuba. He first started dancing to the Afro Cuban rhythms at a young age of 13. Reinier got immediately discovered by a professional Afro Cuban dance team who recruited his talent and showcased him all over Cuba.  At age 18 he graduated from the Cuban school of dance as a dance instructor specializing in Latin rhythms, such as Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Rumba. In February of 2009 Reinier relocated to Brazil where he continued his work as a dancer, performer, and choreographer. He started his own performance group touring and performing Brazil. Reinier now lives in Seattle, WA where he continues to dance and share his talent and passion for the Afro Cuban rhythms through dance classes, workshops, and performances.

Reinier currently teaches Casino, Rueda, and Afro-Cuban in the International District. See La Clave Cubana Facebook page for schedule and prices. 



Instructor: Betsy Geller
Teaches:   Rueda de Casino

Betsy Geller has been dancing since before she could read. She studied ballet intensively while growing up, minored in dance at Barnard College in NYC, and began partner dancing over 15 years ago. Wanting a greater sense of community–and affirming her love of Cuban music–Betsy started dancing casino and rueda de casino in 2009. She dances both lead and follow roles, has learned from many well-known teachers on the west coast, and recently traveled to Cuba to further her dance knowledge. Prior to casino she focused on LA style salsa and Argentine tango. Betsy also has over three years of experience teaching adults in a classroom setting as part of her multi-faceted career. She loves to spread the joy of dancing.

Betsy is teaching intermittently. Contact her for details.


Instructor: Betsy Dischel
Teaches:   Rueda de Casino
Contact: Website: Bien Feliz
Email :

Betsy started her dancing journey in Santa Cruz, California, in 2001 with a former student of Sidney Weaverling. She taught Rueda to beginner and advanced students in Santa Cruz, and now continues her passion for Rueda by instructing students here in the Seattle area. Betsy constantly looks to expand her knowledge base of Cuban Salsa and Cuban movement by working with local instructors and national figures, such as Ryan Mead and Sidney Weaverling from San Francisco and Duane Wrenn from the Detroit area. Her years of instruction enable her to advise students at any level, with a respect for each student’s unique style and needs in mind.


Instructor: Carlos Lazo
Teaches:   Casino & Rueda de Casino
Contact:  Email:
Tel: 425-350-2474

Carlos, originally from Habana, Cuba, is currently teaching on the eastside at the Kirkland Dance Center.  Please contact Carlos by the email or phone number shown above, for more information on his classes.


Instructor: Jose Raul
Teaches:   Casino & Rueda de Casino
Contact: see posts on and Facebook for info about workshops

Cuban with two left feet, trained to dance casino and rueda in Boston through Boston Rueda, MIT Casino Rueda, and Metamovements Dance Company. If he could learn to dance, so can you! Jose has organized rueda de casino events and taught casino and rueda in Boston.