Guapea. One word. A simple concept? Not really.  When one is guapeando it should be like the movie previews; something that announces exciting coming attractions.  Your guapea should be crisp, lively, fun, sexy, daring or playful, and definitely full of energy. 
If your Guapea looks like you are obviously waiting for the next move to be called…. hmmm.   Do you get my drift?  
There has to be a feeling of tension and release; a connection and a compression and then a subsequent energetic push away of your partner’s hand.  If the leads or the follows hands are collapsed against their bodies and/or the push is not really a push… then the guapea looks weak and  uninspired.
The meeting ground of the hands, hand and elbow, or hand and head should be where the compression and then expansion can be both felt by the couple and seen by anyone watching. Check out these videos. 
So there you have it.  Now go and guapea with the best of them but do so………… with SABOR!
See you.
TLR  aka Dennis