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New spam measures and user cleanup

Posted by on 21 Jan 2011 | Tagged as: Admin

The blog has been hit with a lot of spam registrations and attempts to post spam articles.  Till now we have handled this in a manual fashion. I still want to allow anyone to join the group and discussion if they are legit. I’ve taken some steps to ensure that we still have an open community while eliminating the “bad” stuff:

1) New  registration – new users will be ‘contributors’ – they will be able to create a post, but it will need to be approved by one of our editors before it is visible. At that point if they are real people – we will convert them to  an ‘author’ that can post at will.

2) I deleted 540 registered users that have never posted.  In the off chance that you are a community member that has never posted,  you will need to register again if you ever decide to post. The only reason to register is in order to post, otherwise anyone can read or comment.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Reminder: Sunday at HaLo

Posted by on 30 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: Admin, Practice

REMEMBER this weekend only, Sunday Practica will be at HaLo, from 3 to 5 p.m.

HaLo is located at 500 E Pike St, five blocks west of Century Ballroom above Brocklind’s Formal Wear and right next door to 8 Limbs Yoga. Or go to the Century Ballroom website for directions.

See you there!

Community conversation/Sunday practica

Posted by on 20 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: Admin, Practice, Social

Hi all,

Thank you for your conversation, and for your patience since the potluck at Barbara’s on December 6. I’m finally typing a brief (ha!) summary what I heard from the circle that evening.

The broad topics of discussion were (1) what makes Sunday rueda practica work? and (2) what would make it work even better.

(1) I was really glad to hear so much positive about what we’re all getting out of Sunday practica. In summary:

Reliability — We know we can come to practica on Sunday and enjoy music, dancing, socializing, and having a good time in a space away from our everyday concerns. The regular schedule helps, because if we don’t have 2 hours to spare, we know when to come for the part that’s most important to us. “Always puts you in a good mood.”

Diversity & inclusivity — We know we and our friends are all welcome. It’s casual. We get to see and learn from a variety of personal styles of dancing and history of dance experience. “Everybody gets to dance with everybody, and everybody gets to dance.”

Teaching & learning — A number of people expressed appreciation for Maritza’s energy and teaching style. We enjoy figuring out new moves and practicing dance skills and footwork. “Someone always steps up to teach what they know.”

(2) There were a number of specific suggestions for making practica even better than it is. My perception is these were grouped in these themes:

Organization — People like the structure of the 2 hours, but would also like more organization of calls to teach and learn (so we all know a similar set to dance together). The teachers who are willing to donate their time and experience could be offering their own perspective at different times, perhaps in a more organized way.

Progression — Everyone wants to have fun, and everyone wants to learn more in their dancing. More organization could help beginners move from basics into the open rueda. People would like beginners to have opportunities to dance for more time than just the first 30-60 minutes of the day. Dancers with lots of experience also want to find time to dance together and push each other to improve.

Contribution — Perhaps because Sunday practica is fun for everyone (“Best 2 hours of the week,” someone said), everyone seemed interested in contributing and learning from others’ contributions. We all know how much Maritza contributes each week. Dennis Ruiz offered to contribute footwork practice, especially for men. Many others also want to learn to call, to plan moves, to teach moves to others, to dance with newcomers, or to contribute in other ways to the community.

Finally, we all recognize that we’re part of a community that extends beyond Sunday afternoons. We want to support those who teach Cuban dance in the region, as well as the bands and clubs who play Cuban music for us to dance to. (Did you see: two!! options for New Year’s Eve. Hooray, Seattle!)

What comes next?

* I’m working on thoughts for updating our Sunday “schedule” to incorporate some of the things people want to see added to the mix. Please comment online or talk to me in person if you have ideas. I plan to propose some adjustments in January 2010 and request community agreement to try out some things. Having “a schedule” is clearly a positive thing–so let’s build in the things we want to see happen.

* Sunday practica gives us an opportunity to practice and learn, and to contribute our own expertise and celebrate our diversity in a way different from what’s possible in a classroom setting. So invite your friends, and also tell them about all our local teachers (see the Instructors & Classes page). The more we each learn, the more we all learn.

See you Sundays!


Potluck discussion

Posted by on 13 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: Admin, Practice, Social

Hi everybody,

I’m so glad we were able to find time at the potluck last week to talk about why we come to Sunday rueda practice, what it adds to our lives, and what could make our afternoon together even more fun.

I apologize that I have not had time this week to sit down and collect the notes Barbara and Nadja took into a coherent, typed up list. I will do that soon!

In the meantime, let’s keep thinking and talking about what we enjoy about Sundays at Sonny’s and what we’d like to add in to the mix.

See you on the 20th! (Yes, there is Sunday rueda today, I just can’t make it. Wish I could be there with you.)


Baile Cubano Mail List

Posted by on 25 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: Admin

As some of you already know, Eddie maintains a subscription mail list formerly know as “Maiensy’s Dance Classes List.”  That list has become the Baile Cubano Mail List now.  It will continue to be used to notify people of special events.  It continues to be a moderated list meaning postings have to be approved by the moderator and that only the moderator has access to your email addresses.  This controls the volume, secures your emails and prevents spam.

The only difference is that you can now subscribe at will without having to send an email (and bribe) to Eddie asking him to add you to list.  TO SUBSCRIBE go to

In addition to notifying you of special events this list will be used as the primary guest list for parties like Havana Nights.  To make that a little easier, when subscribing please enter your NAME – ignore the “optional”, if you will.

Stay warm and dry!  See you soon, chaille

Blog Software Updated

Posted by on 11 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Admin

The blog was hacked in the last 24 hours. That pushed me to upgrade the software to the latest version.

The interface for managing/posting has changed – so don’t be surprised. If you notice something that has changed or is not working anymore, please let me know – I may have missed something.

How to Embed A Video in a Post

Posted by on 26 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Admin, Video

1. Create a new post. Fill in the title and click on the HTML tab.

2. In a separate window, go to You Tube and highlight (select) all of the html code that is in the “Embed” field. Copy (ctrl-c or use the menu options and go to edit/copy) the code. The Embed field is just to the right and a little below the actual video. It’s underneath a field called URL. When posting a video from sites other than YouTube, try to find something that says “embed code” and copy it.

3. Paste the embed code into the body of your post (ctrl-v or use the menu options edit/paste).

4. Click “Save.” (the save button is just to the right of the body of the post)

5. Click “Preview this Post.” Verify that the video appears in the post. (the “preview this post” button is just to the right of the Title)

6. Click “Publish.” (next to save)

7. Voila, you’re finished.

Please let us know if we can edit this post in any way to make the instructions clearer.

Can Anyone carpool/pick up a workshop attendee from the U District

Posted by on 20 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Admin, Events, Instruction, Social

Nicola Soriani lives in the U District.  He is without a car and is looking to see if someone can carpool/pick him up to/fro the Duane Wrenn workshops this weekend.  Alternately, if someone can bring him there on saturday, i’m sure we can figure out between us how to share giving him rides back and a ride to on sunday morning.

His number is:



Happy Anniversary

Posted by on 13 May 2009 | Tagged as: Admin

Our website/blog will celebrate a year this weekend. Although the community had another site for years prior, this one has been a great tool for us all–so why not a special post to celebrate that?!

Thanks to those that help maintain the site, to Cat for her weekly video posts, instructors for keeping us informed of classes, and most importantly for everyone’s participation. Here’s to this site as a tool for us all to share info on events, practica, instruction, music, videos, etc. on Cuban dance and music. Keep it going!


PS: Stay tuned for info in the coming month on the 2009 launch of “Casino on Cardboard: Alki Beach Party”…once it warms up and stays dry…

Please categorize your posts

Posted by on 09 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: Admin


Please select and appropriate category for your post.  Below the edit post area there is a list with checkboxes for categories. Select appropriate category and don’t forget to  deselect “uncategorized” (you need to scroll down to get to it).  This little effort  makes it easier for people to find all related posts to a topic.



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