September 2017

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No Alki Beach dances until Summer 2018

Posted by on 08 Sep 2017 | Tagged as: Alki Beach Parties: Casino on Cardboard

😔 No Alki Beach dance tonight.

If you’re impatient, go to Cuba Libre tonight to get your timba fix! We’re celebrating all the Virgo birthdays tonight!

If you’re patient you might try Belltown Dance Studio’s Salsa on Alki Beach tomorrow night.

Be ready to dance along the shore next Summer 2018 if no substitute will do.

Sunday Practice Moves Inside Sept 17

Posted by on 06 Sep 2017 | Tagged as: Practice

Sunday Practice moves inside to SHIFT Studio in Fremont on Sunday, Sept 17. We will be at SHIFT for the indoor season (until summer 2018). SHIFT is a great space with lots of light, a wonderful large floor, and a big garage door we can open when it’s warm outside. We had to commit to a date to move inside (no day-of-practice fussing about the weather), and we want to be consistent and reliable for folks who are new, so please come dance with us at SHIFT.   (3517 Stone Way N. Seattle, WA 98103). Please note: we rent the studio for this event, it is not run by SHIFT management. Please contact the usual Seattle Rueda folks if you have questions!