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Casino on Cardboard Tonight 8/30!

Posted by on 30 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Alki Beach Parties: Casino on Cardboard

Casino on Cardboard at Alki Beach continues tonight, August 30th!

Thanks to Ismael Rodriguez who has been holding it down by transporting and setting up the dance floor all summer. And a big thanks to Steve Blank for offering to transport the dancefloor and provide the Block Rocker for dancing at Alki tonight! See you all there!

practica today, 8/25

Posted by on 25 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Practice

we are under the shelter at gasworks today.

Casino On Cardboard? Let’s do it!!

Posted by on 23 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Alki Beach Parties: Casino on Cardboard, Cuba, Events

Mid-seventies with late clearing, which means high chances for a spectacular sunset. Great company, great dancing, great music – Vamos!

ALKI BEACH?! Of course!!!

Posted by on 16 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Alki Beach Parties: Casino on Cardboard, Cuba, Events, Music

You know we gotta have our Timba fix. What is Timba? It’s that sweet funky sound from Cuba that fuses Son, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B and Afro Cuban traditions resulting in this fabulous smorgasbord for the ear. Are you game? New Music Tonight – Let’s do it!!!

CUBA MARCH 2014: Dance Explorations in Havana with PlazaCUBA

Posted by on 11 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Cuba

PlazaCUBA is partnering with Rumba Northwest  for an in-depth “people to people” journey specially designed for dance lovers! March 1-9 in Havana, with an optional extension to Trinidad, March 9-14. This rich and highly interactive program focuses on Cuba’s music- and dance-centric culture. You’ll meet dance professionals who specialize in Cuban popular dances like Salsa, Son and Rueda de Casino and work with internationally acclaimed dance company, Raices Profundas. Contact Heather at for more details. Thanks!

Casino on Cardboard – Special Reunion Party!!!

Posted by on 08 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Alki Beach Parties: Casino on Cardboard, Events, Kick Me !! (the poster)

This Friday, after a year of absence, we welcome back our core group members Christina, Jennifer and Ofer!! I’m super excited to announce that we will also be joined by my dear friends Georgia and Pascal, our alums from New York.  This will be a major reunion of Seattle Casineros and Timberos from my early days; the gang that introduced me to the sweet sounds of Van Van, Manolito, Issac and all the other greats of Cuban Music. This will be a special night that you don’t want to miss!!! I also picked up some new music at the AMAZING Las Vegas Salsa Rueda Festival last week-end. It’s gonna be a great night for Casino on Cardboard! Ahi-na-ma – Andre

La Familia Valera Miranda, October 5, Town Hall

Posted by on 07 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

Direct from Santiago de Cuba!

La Familia Valera Miranda
Saturday, October 5, Town Hall, 8:00 pm

Earshot Jazz Festival presents a special Seattle residency & concert by this family of musicians from Santiago de Cuba, in the Oriente region. Father Felix, his wife, brother, and sons have virtually defined cauto son, the mid-tempo form of the Cuban son style, marked by its easy-going, contagious swing.

Tickets on sale now through Brown Paper tickets:

For information about La Familia Valera Miranda, keepers of the Cuban son flame, please visit:


You will not want to miss this concert!

Casino on Cardboard @ Alki IS CANCELLED for today, Aug 2nd

Posted by on 02 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

Casino on Cardboard @ Alki IS CANCELLED for today due to weather. We’ll hit it again next week and hopefully get our returning world travelers to join us. Ok – off to Vegas now, Yanek Revilla and Wil Campa?!? Pura Vida!!