Hey, I just found out about a promotion for FREE outdoor adhesive dance soles.  I just ordered mine and its legit.  You just have to pay $4.95 for shipping.

Here is the info:

As Summer nears its end, so do our opportunities to dance at street festivals and other outdoor events. Yet, before we head indoors for good, I would like to offer you an opportunity to try our sophisticated stick-on soles for dancing on concrete or asphalt. Our super-low-friction (SULOFRI) soles will allow you topivot, turn, and slide with ease on abrasive floors like concrete or asphalt, as well as on very sticky, very high-friction indoor dance floors. With SULOFRI soles under your regular dance shoes, dancing on concrete or asphalt will feel almost exactly like dancing with suede-soled shoes on studio-quality floors.

To order your free sample of our SULOFRI product, please go to our store www.soles2dance.com and click on the LOW-FRICTION SOLES category (under PRODUCTS, on the left-hand side). Add one SULOFRI product to the shopping cart and check out. Immediately after starting the check-out process, you will have an opportunity to enter coupon code SULOFREE (note the wittful play on words here).  This coupon will give you a 100% discount on one set of SULOFRI and the discount will be reflected immediately in your shopping cart. You can buy other products as well, but the 100% discount can be applied only once per household and only for the SULOFRI product. Even though the product is free, you will still have to pay the flat rate shipping of $4.95. The SULOFREE coupon will expire on 8/31/2012. You may pass the coupon code on to others.



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