Hello My Peeps!
Just wanted to give you the 411 that Wilfredo Guilbiac Rodriguez (Cuban dance instructor in San Diego) is going to give a workshop at the Seattle Salsa Congress this coming November. Last year, Antonio Diaz, from Rumba Northwest, brought him out to Bellignham to teach Cuban styling and he was a big hit in both places. He’ll be back again and wanted to give you the heads up in case you wanted to organize maybe to do a workshop in Seattle. I have been taking his classes and my styling has improved so much…he teaches how to throw in the AfroCuban style into rueda and it is so much fun! Please consider him for workshops as the Cuban styling for both men and women is his forte. He is a Cubano de Havana, who lives in Ensenada, Baja California and drives into San Diego to teach is classes. We are very lucky to have him out here. Check out some of his videos on You Tube. Just type in his name and you will get a few videos of his work in Ensenada and Tijuana, plus his rueda performance in San Diego. Hope all is well. Please come visit! Miss you all very much!