We’re having a potluck right after practice on Sunday July 1, weather permitting. We’ll set up some blanket and camp chairs on the lawn at Gasworks Park, opposite the Wallingford Steps, starting at 6:40. It’s a chance for folks who attend Sunday practice to get to know each other better, but all in the casino/rueda community are welcome.

Please let us know if you can bring a mat to spread out our potluck wares, or maybe even a small portable table, or maybe even a small portable BBQ if that’s allowed in the park. I’ll make a FB page that can help us figure out who can bring these and other supplies.

Also, since people like to see the names of the moves we went over, here are the ones that the entire group worked on today:

Caracol – enchufla, change hands, exhibela, exhibela, exhibela en la otra direccion, finish with a dile que no.

Corto con la bola – enchufla, change hands, dile que no, cero all the way around your neighbor (everyone is facing into the circle during a cero), finish with a dame (or dile que no with your neighbor who is now your partner – however you like to think of it).

Dame directo – on 123 you walk directly to the neighbor in front of you, then finish 567 in guapea with that neighbor, who is now your partner.

See you at Alki!