Next session should be  5/27  –  are we doing Folklife ? Even if so – we can suelta.

Play list – heavy on Havana D’Primera and Alexander Abreu due to their US Tour:

1) Intro del Mayimbe, Mayimbe y Barbaro Fines, De La Habana a Peru

Introduced Quatro – very simple step on 1 /3 / 5/ 7  – basically marking half time.

We also did a cool twist on the base adelante ( basic forward):

LF1 RP2 LC3     RF5 LP6 RC7   –   to be read as : Left Forward, Right in Place,  Left Close……

Instead we do:

LP1 RP2 LF3    RP5 LC6 RF7   LP1 RC2 LF3…    –   we are still dancing on “1” but it looks like we are not and it has a nice different feel to it that emphasizes the “3” and the “7”.

2) Ella no Tiene, Tumbao Habana, Mambo Duro

Until not to long ago I would have trouble getting back to the basic step after a complex foot pattern. I would try hard to keep track of where I was in the count during the pattern. We did an exercise to help with this problem: They key is not to worry of where you are during the pattern as long as you know to hit the “1”  when you are done.

3) Carita_de_Pasaporte, Havana D’Primera, Demo

We did linea footwork – moving back and forth, added to our repitoire by doing quadradas (squares) both of 1 and 2 steps , clockwise and counter clockwise

4) Mi música, Havana D’Primera, Haciendo Historia

Scencillo / Sencillo complicado

5) Mis Dos Habana, Wil Campa, Todo Es Posible

Oscarito review – we looked quite good by the end.

6) Julito, Cesar ‘PUPY’ Pedroso, Siempre Pupy

7) Cha cha-Cha cha chá, Vission Latina, Sonando como un Cañón

8 ) Ni Te Lo Imaginas, Suave Tumbao, La Canonera

This song had opportunities to hit ponches and quatro (which we learned earlier) in the music.

9) Cuando el rio suena, Havana D’Primera, Haciendo Historia

We did some taps and kicks. We normally tap/kick during the pause on the foot we are about to step on i.e. on 4 and 8:  RT4 and LT8 (T for Tap, K for Kick).

so :  LT8  L1R2L3  RT4 R5L6R7……

Remember that in  ponche we delay the pause and switch between a step and pause and then get back on the normal track. Here we delay the step and instead kick (or tap):

L1R2L3   R5L6RK7R8  L1R2…

This idea can be developed further which we will do in the future.  We modified the above pattern further and added the normal kick/tap on beat 4 to get two kicks on the left side :

L1R2L3  RK4 R5L6RK7R8  L1R2…

10) La Familia (ft. Alexander Abreu), Tumbao Habana, Mambo Duro

11) Ella Dice, Maikel Blanco, Promo 2007