Lazy me…taken me 3 weeks to post. Next suelta session, next week: 4/29

1) Music: Ya empezó la fiesta, Los Van Van, Ay Dios, Amparame

Warm up

2) Music: Adiós amor, Klimax, Solo Tú Y Yo

Con la Cruz, Taps

3) Music: El Carretero, Azúcar, Tabaco y Ron, Son de Mi Cuba

We reviewed what we did the previous week. Walked and danced following clave rhythm.

4) Music: No Mires a Los Ojos, Issac Delgado, Los Grandes Exitos De Isaac Delgado

5) Music: Tu Sabes Que Yo Se , TimbaLive, La Timba Pa’ To El Mundo

Turns, Camina con vuelta

6) Music: Cangrejo Fue A Estudiar , Sierra Maestra , !Dundunbanza!

Cha Cha Cha turns and switching to Son.

7) Music: Mi música ,  Havana D’Primera, Haciendo Historia

8 ) Music : Relámpago, Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco, Control

We reviewed Sencillo and Sencillo Complicado  and added Oscarito.

The move is in honor of Oscar D’Leon who would hop with his bass. I couldn’t find a video of him hopping, but watch him dancing with the bass while playing and singing:

See Felix’s video with oscarito below