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Supersones playing in April!

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Feliz primavera a todos nuestros amigos! Happy Springtime to all of our friends! April holds many opportunities to join us to celebrate and dance to the sweet swing of Cuban Son. We’re playing at a new all-ages venue this month as well as teaming up with the 80-person Kulshan Chorus up in Bellingham for a concert celebrating “The Sound of Cuba.” We hope to see you soon!

Tutta Bella Wallingford – 4411 Stone Way North
We’re excited to play Tutta Bella for the first time. This all-ages venue hosts excellent music at all locations. Come for the great pizza, wine and Son Cubano! Details here:
Cover: Pizza!
Time: 5:30-8:30pm

Mona’s Bistro & Lounge
65th & Latona in Greenlake –
We’re back at our favorite neighborhood bistro. Note the new start time.
Time: 10:00 pm – 1am

Tutta Bella Wallingford – 4411 Stone Way North
Bring the kids, we’ll sing the dinosaurio song!
Cover: Pizza!
Time: 5:30-8:30pm

SuperSones with the Kulshan Chorus
Western Washington University Performing Arts Center
We are so excited to be performing with the Kulshan Chorus! This 80 person choir has invited us to perform a ‘night of Cuban music’. We’ve been preparing our material for months. This will feature dancing by Rumba Northwest. More details here –
Time: 7:30pm

Sierra Maestra After-Party at Club Sur this Saturday

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Hola Cuban music lovers, we are going to make it happen this Saturday. Legendary Sierra Maestra is playing at the Seattle Town Hall and after the concert we are all heading down to “Cafe con Leche” Cuban Restaurant at Club Sur to continue with beautiful Son, Cha-cha-cha and Timba. We might even convince some of the band members to come party with us. Game? Bring your friends and make the Cuban familia bigger!!! Cost: $5
………..los que son………..SON!

Video of the Week

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Fiesta Cubana – Salsa Dance Party alo Cubano ! Saturday, March 24th

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It’s Time Again !! The Party is Still ON ! Timba!Salsa!Reggaeton!Bachata!Fiesta!Party!Dancing!Casino! Saturday March 24th in Portland Oregon Get you dance shoes on ! Dj Baracoa ( yours truly ) will be in the House First Time In Portland DJ Barcoa in the House premira ves en Portland- with new music from the Island and all the good stuff !!! You don’t want to miss this. Location: Andrea’s Cha Cha Club 832 SE Grand Ave Portland Oregon 97214 9PM – 2:30 am — YPE THAT’S RIGHT pORTLAND pARTIES

FAcebooK link

Opening party for Cafe Rumba in B-ham Saturday 3/24

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Hola salseros! We are proud to announce the opening of Antonio’s Peruvian Deli in Bellingham: Café Rumba! Our opening party is this Saturday, March 24, 8pm-midnight, we hope some of our Seattle friends can make it up! We will be serving several yummy Peruvian treats, and Antonio will be DJ-ing all your favorites. Here are a couple of articles about the restaurant in case you’re interested:

Call Antonio with any questions: 360-595-7369 or email

Video of the Week

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Cheaper Hotel for Rose City Festival

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I noticed that the Red Lion at the Quay, which is on the riverfront, is $99/night on Priceline, with free parking, fridge and microwave–things the Hilton doesn’t have. And it is just a couple blocks from the Hilton. Looks walkable: 0.2 mile per google maps though it could be a desolate trek at 3 am.

Salsa Suelta Summary March 11 2012

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Oops, seems like I forgot to post the February summary….next time someone remind me…..anyway here is March.

I was asked how what we do in suelta practice can be used in a social dance. The answer is twofold:

  1. We do a lot of footwork that you can incorporate  into your dance. We also play with the rhythm. Eventually that gives you a better feel for the rhythm while you dance to the music.
  2. But also these are moves that can be danced in a club with a group together. “suelta” I believe means “letting loose”

Here’s what we did:

1) Music: La Bola, Manolin, Issac Delgado, Para Mi Gente

Warm up and going through our developing repetoire.  We combined Camina with a Vuelta for “Camina con Vuelta”. Sidney Weaverling made an insightful  comment when I showed her Camina:  the move is basically  a Dile Que No. You are pivoting  with your left shoulder – there is only really a small variation in the end orientation. In DLQ follows rotate 3/4 of a turn (270 degrees) in camina only 180 degrees.

La Bola is Manolin’s biggest hit ( I believe the longest song at #1 ever on cuba’s charts) – he sang it at the SF Festival.

2) Music: Andar Andando, Azucar Negra, Andar Andando

More warm up. I love this song so much….

3) Music: El Carretero, Azúcar, Tabaco y Ron, Son de Mi Cuba

We danced most of this classic son side to side, stepping to the rhythm of the clave. It’s quite difficult if you aren’t used to it. You alternate the starting foot for each instance of clave. I chose this and the next track  because  you can hear the clave well throughout the track.

4) Music: Tribilin Cantore, Supersones, Son del Pacifico  (free download from Supersones’ website)

We tried a different approach to dancing the beats of the clave. Weve been familiar with Ponche taught by Ryan Mead that lets us hit the 3rd beat of the three side of clave:

R1L2R3  P4  L5R6L7R8  P1L2R3……  (Leads – for follows reverse L/R)

We step on beat 8 and pause on 1. This pattern step on all beats of the the clave except the middle one of the three side – the Bombo which is the and of 6. we can do that by stepping L6.5 instead of L7 – we need to make a quick step after R6 and a longer pause after the L6.5:

R1L2R3  P4  L5R6L6.5R8  P1L2R3……

Now we can dance all beats of the Clave and still stay in salsa structure. To style this, lean back/sit into the Bombo step and step forward for the Ponche.

5) Music: Salsa, Timba Y Amor, Issac Delgado, SuperCubano

We learned Pare a simple yet cool syncopation which is a mirror to ponche:

R1L2R3L4   P5   R6L7    P8    R1L2R3…..

Watch the 1st video below @ 0:43   for styling. I love this dudes sueltas.

6) Music: Tu a Lo Tuyo, Yo a Lo Mio, Los Van Van, Arrasando

We reviewed Sencillo.

7) Music: Yo Vengo Suave Y Sabroso,  Ciso Guanche Y Sus Soneros, Levantando Presion

We learned Sencillo Complicado which is the same steps as Sencillo, only a turn is inserted.

I’ve reposted the video demonstration of Felix below. We’ll do Oscarito next.

8 ) Music: Una Mulata En La Habana, Adalberto Alvarez, Jugando Con Candela

Practice Sencillo and Sencillo Complicado to faster music.

Saturday, April 28th: Kulshan Chorus in Bellingham presents “The Sound of Cuba” together with Supersones and Rumba NW dancers

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Kulshan Chorus Poster 201204

Kulshan Chorus is a “Bellingham’s cross-cultural, multi-generational singing group that celebrates America’s diverse musical heritage”.

They have paired up with our very own Supersones, to sing, play music, and celebrate the “Sound of Cuba”. 

Rumba NW dancers will also perform during the event.

Saturday, April 28th, 7:30 pm, at Western Washington University’s PAC Concert Hall, join us for “The Sound of Cuba“, surely will be a night of warmth, uplifting, rich, and beautiful music!

Good deals @ Descarga through friday 3/16

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Descarga are having a $6.99  sale on certain titles (they call it overstock, but I think that is just marketing).  Very good price on lots of very good stuff. there is plenty of timba as well as son, puerto-rico salsa, and tradional stuff as guaracha, danson, rumba.

There are excellent albums there from klimax, van van, charanga habanera, manolin as well as other artists that are less well known (e.g. some of the european bands alexander abreu has been involved in). It takes some work to page through the 12 pages , but well worth it. most of the albums are older,  tend to be  mid 2000’s.

I just ordered 7 CDs , and I have lots of the stuff on sale. Shipping was only $4 for the lot.  I’ve ordered from them in the past – the only downside is sometimes they don’t really have some of the items. They credit you back in that case, but still a disappointment.   click on overstock deals.


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