The January 29 open meeting resulted in a plan to improve the Sunday practica. Click the following link to download the summary of the meeting and plan: Outcome_of_Jan29_2012_open_meeting.

The plan requires volunteer support in the form of several working committees. Some are “one-time” committees whose duties will be mainly completed this spring. Others are ongoing. Here’s a list of the committees. Click the following link to download the sign-up sheet which lists the complete duties for each committee: committee sign up.

Ongoing Committees

  • Practica Scheduling and Blog Update Committee
  • Music Committee

Short-term Committees

  • Guidelines and Peer Teaching Guidance Committee
  • Etiquette Committee
  • Advanced Practice Committee

I will bring the committee sign up sheets to practica the next few Sundays. If you would like to be on a committee but won’t be at practica, please email me at betsygeller (all one word) at gmail. Folks have definitely already shown an interest in serving on committees and making this plan work!  (I’ve posted the blank sheets here so as not to publicizing volunteers’ contact info.)

White the duties for each committee are set, the committees will determine exactly how they fulfill those duties. If you want to serve on an ongoing committee but only for a short term, please don’t hesitate to sign up–we’ll make it work.