Next sessions are Feb 12 and Mar 11.

1) Music: Salsa, Timba Y Amor, Issac Delgado, SuperCubano (latest Delgado Album)

Warm up and going through our developing repetoire.  The song is  about a  couple from Puerto Rico and Cuba – He loves Salsa and she Timba.

2) Music: La Gorda, Wil Campa, Todo es Posible

Taps & crossovers.

3) Music: Que Tiene ese Guajiro, Los Van Van, La Maquinaria  (Latest Los Van Van)

Salsa Time to Son Time :

L1R2L3   P4   R5L6R7L8   P1   R2L3R4   P5   L6R7L8

Explanation :  L1R2L3   P4   –  Left step on 1 , Right on 2 and so on. P = Pause.  In Salsa we often tap on the pause. If you are dancing Son you typically won’t tap on the pause, if you are just dancing to Son time, you can do as you please.

So when switching to Son we step an extra step on 8 onto our left (just like in Ponche). In Son time  our anchors are beats 4 and 8 that correspond to a pluck on the Bass.

Son Time to Salsa Time :

R2L3R4   P5   L6R7TL8   L1LR2L3   P4   R5L6R7

When heading back to Salsa, we tap on 8 with our left and then immediately step back with same foot “1”.

4) Music: El Veterano, Maikel Blanco & Suprema Ley, Mi Olvidé Quien Era

Uno Y Cinco to match the hits in the song.   Practiced Salsa/son switching to a faster tempo.

5) Music: Fuga (Cha-cha-chá), Tiempo Libre, Bach in Havana

Cha-cha-cha – vuelta, izquierda, enchufla.   Song is based on Bach’s Sonata In D Minor – how cool is that ??

6) Music: El Año Que Viene, Issac Delgado, Los Grandes Exitos De Isaac Delgado

We studied a move taught by Duane Wren. Practiced it to our standard slow practice song.

Let call it “El Duane”.  See our own Maritza demonstrating it:

Let me know if you have any questions.