I’ve been considering (with Kyra’s encouragement) leading a Suelta Practice once the Practica moved indoors. I can’t commit to coming every week, but can do it with once a month and see how it works out. I posting to gauge interest.

My thoughts are to do an hour with work on basic footwork, develop a common vocabulary of moves that we can build on for calling out a group suelta and also try every time to work on a short routine.

There are also some logistic issues to work out:

  • Would this run in parallel to regular Practica or not ?
  • and if so how to deal with music as for the most part I envision moving continuously to music.
  • what time within our 2 hour slot ? (My preference is to do this 4:30-5:30)

Please post (or email) your thoughts. If there is interest I can prepare the 1st time for October 30th.

See you all tomorrow en “La Maquina de Cuba”