My Spanish is not the best but here is the basic idea of what’s going on in this song.  The song talks about the Cuban Son (the grand-daddy of all Salsa) and how smooth it is.  From 0:13 until 0:33 is like an intro starting with hand percussion and vocals, while slowly adding additional parts.  The dancers dance on ‘four’ beat until piano enters at 0:33, at which precise moment they switch to dancing on “one”.   The music is kinda trotting along, not too exciting, but nice.  It talks about other Latin musical styles…”in Brasil they dance the Samba, in Santo Domingo the Merengue etc…”  THEN it gets exciting, when they say that in Cuba they dance the Son, at which moment the accent in the music switches to “four”, but this time within the context of TIMBA, the drummer making a hit on four, to which the dancers respond.  Check out 1:06, where they emphasize the beautiful switch to the “four” beat, the quintessence of son, with a stop on “four”, then a nice controlled spin until 1:08 where the leads accent the four beat by stepping back.  This coincides with the nice hit by the drums.  So smoooth!!!  They continue to dance on “four” til 1:16 where they switch back to dancing on “one”.  Then the music trots along again and talks about the other Latin styles until at 2:27 they hit it again: “in Cuba we dance the Son“, and the dancers respond with a hit on four (this time a ‘ponche’ if you will with a pause).  How fun…Maykel Blanco and Cuban Timba!!!

Now listen…and go see the shows