Take note:

Duane starts dancing on one, but starts his phrasing on the right foot – why not?
at 0:16 on the accent on four (listen to the bass), he switches to ‘four’ (aka son or contra tiempo) and stays with it until…
0:26 when the music changes to a “Reggaeton” section, Duane responds and changes back to dancing on ‘one’
0:29 he accents the four beat, but doesn’t switch to four. Some of us know this as a ‘ponche’
0:31 another ‘ponche’
0:41 he accents the hits with his feet (on the and of three and the and of four) – this is slick – try to do it!
0:51 he accents the hits (on beats ‘three’, ‘three and’, and ‘four’, where four is a ponche, but this time with two anticipating steps) – this is even more slick!! Try it!!
1:14 he drops the tap on four, twice in a row creating some nice pauses, thus tension
1:23 another ponche
2:05 Rumba footwork
2:20 back to dancing on four (son/contra tiempo)
2:40 another ponche to the hit in the music
3:02 he accents the lyrics and steps to each syllable (“ciao-ciao-es-ta-fu-era” – sorry Latinos, this is the best I can do for lyrics)
3:04 back to dancing on one
3:10 steps to the accents in the syllables like at 3:02

This is only a sample of what he’s doing and what’s going on in Timba…

…and follows take note – she is following all the time changes seamlessly

Now watch the video!!