I kept it simple.  Pulled in the blog and created a relatively self-maintaining calendar leveraging public Facebook events.  It will still only be as good as those using it, but let’s give it a try and make it worthwhile.

There is more information on the ‘About’ page and the Candela! Dance FB page.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.

And for those who want more details:


How it works

Facebook: If you have a public or private account on FB that you use to create events for local bands, dance classes, workshops, venues, potlucks…any events open to the public that are of interest to the Latin/Cuban Seattle community, then your event will be automatically published to the calendar on the bailecubano site when you invite La Candela to the event.

Calendar Direct: If you are unable or opposed to using FB, you can enter events directly onto the calendar.  Please include contact information and expect a 24 – 48 hr delay.  [FB preferred, less maintenance and gives the event organizer the ability to change the event details]

How you can help

Fill in the Blanks: The are many names and faces missing from the links page.  Please help fill them in to create a more complete representation of our community.

  • Forward this information to any musicians, bands, individuals, instructors, promoters, venues that you think would like to be included
  • Send as much of the following as you can provide for your own groups:
    • Name of band, instructor or venue
    • Color photo
    • Facebook contact (individual or public page of person who creates FB events for the group)
    • Website URL

Send Photos/Videos/YouTube Links: Send your best or your funniest, whatever you want to share.  Bands and Instructors especially – please send me videos if you have them.  dancecandela@gmail.com

Add a Link to your Website: You can help in the process of optimizing the site for search engines, by adding a link to www.bailecubano.com from your website.

Thank you much!