Greetings Casineros,
Back by popular demand, Duane Wrenn will be back in Seattle to teach workshops for a whole week! We gave him feedback about what we wanted so he is catering to our needs as dancers. Below are the WEEKEND workshop descriptions. We are extremely excited to have him here.
If this is your first time learning about Duane, here is a weblink to Duane Wrenn’s Bio:

Workshop #1: 12-1pm – Fitness for SALSA Dancers -This class features a warm up, followed by body movement, core strength training, drills to improve dancing agility, and stretching.

Workshop #2: 1:15-2:15pm – Energetic Salsa con tImbA – This footwork class is based on the concept of Energetic Salsa. Energetic Salsa takes 7-9 fundamental steps and creates patterns and combinations that apply to specific rhythms. The focus for this class is steps and movements that apply to Rhythms under the tImBa umbrella.

Workshop #3: 2:30-3:30pm – Over standing the “No Back Step Rule – How to Lead it, How to Read it” -This class will answer all the questions, look at different scenarios, and evaluate, not back stepping. What are the advantages vs. disadvantages? When is the best time and why? As it applies to Social dancing vs. Rueda dancing.

Workshop #4: 12-1pm – Soul*Sa in your Casino – This class looks at the popular three movements of Soul*Sa as they apply to Casino. We will add two variations with the 3 movements and look at several options for unlimited variables. The focus is for Social Dancing with a partner.

Workshop #5: 1:15-2:15pm – Cuban Folklore Fundamentals – Getting back to the roots of Cuban dance, this class will teach you some of the basic movements that will incorporate Orisha and rumba body movement to enhance your casino and social dancing.

Workshop #6: 2:30-3:30pm – Back to Basics “Me Leader…You Follower”: The Art of Social Dancing – This class is part discussion mostly dancing. The goal is to strip the idea of partner social dancing down to its core essence. What truly is the leader and who truly leads? We will try to decide if we are really social dancing or not?

WEEKEND PACKAGE – 1 class $18 /$20 door; 3 classes $50; 6 classes $75/85 door

Make checks payable to Duane C. Wrenn and send your preregistration to:
Maritza Baida – 2702 S. 12 St, Tacoma, WA 98405

PRIVATE LESSONS w/ Duane – contact Maritza for pricing and scheduling by e-mailing her at
NOTE: NO street shoes strictly enforced at ARC, please bring dance shoes ;no food or beverage, just water allowed in the studio.

Be on the lookout for an updated post on the Blog, and for an additional Facebook Event announcement on his workshops during Monday (May 2nd) through Thursday(May 5th).