The blog has been hit with a lot of spam registrations and attempts to post spam articles.  Till now we have handled this in a manual fashion. I still want to allow anyone to join the group and discussion if they are legit. I’ve taken some steps to ensure that we still have an open community while eliminating the “bad” stuff:

1) New  registration – new users will be ‘contributors’ – they will be able to create a post, but it will need to be approved by one of our editors before it is visible. At that point if they are real people – we will convert them to  an ‘author’ that can post at will.

2) I deleted 540 registered users that have never posted.  In the off chance that you are a community member that has never posted,  you will need to register again if you ever decide to post. The only reason to register is in order to post, otherwise anyone can read or comment.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.