Dear Dancers,

We have really been enjoying our time in Seattle – the classes on Sunday were a lot of fun and it was great to dance with so many of you at Desiree’s house afterwards. Thanks, Des!

We’ll be teaching three more classes tonight at a different location. Please see below for the full details.

Hope to see you later tonight!

Ryan & Sid –

TONIGHT – Tuesday, October 26th @ My World Dance Studio (849 Hiawatha Place South – MAP)

6:30pm Sidney’s Salsa Workout – Body Movement and Styling
7:30pm Musicality: Physicalizing the Rhythms and Accents of Salsa and Timba
8:30pm Roots of Salsa: Cuban Mambo

One class: $20
Two classes: $35
Three classes: $45

Sidney’s Salsa Workout – Body Movement and Styling – All Levels
In this highly energetic, full body workout, we explore salsa and related dances such as son, rumba, cha-cha-chá, and more. Through isolations we gain strength, flexibility and articulate expression throughout the entire body beginning with the core. We warm up with the basic salsa footwork and move on to explore more complex rhythmic variations, stylistic embellishments and related dance styles building towards completing the class with a dynamic and fun choreography.

Musicality: Physicalizing the Rhythms and Accents of Salsa and Timba
In this class we’ll use musical examples, counts, and clapping exercises to explain a few of the most common patterns and accents in Salsa and Timba music. Then, we’ll physicalize these rhythms using practical, use-at-the-club changes in footwork and body movement. This new rhythmic understanding will enhance your enjoyment of the music and invigorate your dancing, both in the rueda and with a partner. (We’ll cover All New Material, including the clave-based Cascara pattern, plus accents such as Bota and Marcha.)

Roots of Salsa: Cuban Mambo
Salsa is just the latest in a long lineage of Cuban dances, including Danzón, Son, Mambo, and many others. Just as the best Cuban bands include references to these older styles in their music, many of the best dancers incorporate elements of these older styles into their salsa dancing. In this class, we’ll teach the fundamental steps and body movement in the Cuban Mambo, and show you how to add these to your partner dancing.