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Issac Delgado in Seattle!! Sept. 7

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I got your attention didn’t I..?

If you missed the addition of this event in the Upcoming Events section above…
then I hope this helps. Yes, i said ISSAC DELGADO. Now that’s a start!

He will be at the Triple Door, Tuesday, September 7. Show at 7:30pm. Cost: $20 Get your tickets quick!

Here is just a portion of his bio from his website:

“…Issac Delgado is a familiar voice to those who follow the musical development in Cuba.  Born into a theatrical and musical family in Havana, he began his artistic career in a band called Proyecto with the virtuoso pianist and composer, Gonzalo Rubalcaba.  He eventually moved to Pacho Alonsos Orchestra and later to the Galaxia Group, recording two albums with each group.

His fantastic work with N. G. La Banda, one of the most creative Cuban dance groups, attracted large audiences in Europe, Japan, and the United States.  The groups 1992 release titled En la Calle included the number one world beat hit of the year, Necesito Una Amiga. In 1991, Issac decided to form his own orchestra by scouting talented young musicians who were interested in starting a new stage in their artistic careers.  Dando la Hora, his first album as a soloist, is a collectors item for tropical music lovers.  It featured arrangements by Gonzalo Rubalcaba and the first computer synchronized horn section in salsa.  Con Ganas, his second production, was also a resounding success. Always in search of new horizons, in 1995 Issac Delgado joined the RMM International label, recording El Año Que Viene.  This recording had an unprecedented impact on the salsa industry, earning him the opportunity to perform at one of the largest salsa festivals around the world: The New York Salsa Festival at Madison Square Garden with Celia Cruz, El Canario and Grupo Niche.   His second RMM release Otra Idea recorded in New York, united the adventurous Afro-Cuban spirits of pianist Ivan Melon Gonzalez, arranger and songwriter Joaquin Betancourt with New Yorks most ardent practitioners of new Afro-Caribbean dance music, Isidro Infante, Johnny Almendra, Papo Pepin and Ruben Rodriguez.  Mi Primera Noche, an avant-garde project that does not break the traditions of tropical music, followed this release in 1999.   By 2000, Issac was ready to produce his own recording.  At Abdala, the state-of-the art recording studio in Havana, Issac delivered a well-balanced, powerful work.  La Formula became an instant success and the number one song in Cuba. The album was called “El Malecon” in Cuba, but also known as “La Formula” while in distribution by Ahi-Nama Records. This production includes collaborations with Pablo Milanes, Juan and Samuel Formell of Los Van Van and once again, master pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba.  Issac pours his passionate, hard-hitting sounds and breaks into all the tracks. The Latin Music Recording Academy recognized this effort and nominated Issac for two Grammy Awards in 2001. The nominations were for Best Tropical Album and Best Tropical Song for La Formula….”

Video of the Week

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LOST/FOUND from Alki last night.

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Thank you EVERYONE for showing up last night to dance and listen to the Supersones, and for supporting them with your enthusiasm and generosity!

It’s so totally amazing to me to listen and dance to the Supersones outdoors, in such a beautiful setting!

Two items were LEFT ON THE BEACH, both of which I have:
1. small-medium frame size prescription sunglasses, a green-ish, tortoise shell design is on the frames.

2. an old-style cylindrical 1-Liter opaque small-mouthed Nalgene water bottle.

Contact me at if either of these are yours.

CONFIRMED: Last Casino on Cardboard, tonight, with the Supersones!!

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Alki Casino on Cardboard with the Supersones is ON for tonight, 7 pm!

I’ll get to Alki a bit before 6 pm to set up the floors. If you are able and interested in coming down early, all set-up effort is helpful and appreciated!

(Please remember to bring some cash to add to our ‘pass the hat’ compensation effort for the band)

Looking forward to seeing you all down there.

News is that Mars will be the brightest in the night sky, tonight at 12:30 am, as the planet comes within 34.65M miles of Earth. It will look like the Earth has 2 moons.

So maybe pack up some warm clothes, if you want to stick around the beach, to sky-gaze, and catch this cool astronomical event!

LAST Alki Casino on Cardboard, with SUPERSONES playing — Friday, August 27th

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Hello all!

Please join us for our last Casino on Cardboard at Alki, FRIDAY, August 27th, 7 pm, with the awesome Supersones playing!
Please check this blog by 3 pm, Friday, for the last update, in case of a “rain out”.
See you at the beach!

The Alki Crew


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Come and join your freinds for a night of SALSA DANCING !

Salsa, Bachata, Timba and Reggaeton y mucho mas ( A Lot More)



Selenas Guadalajara is located in Wallingford @ 1715 N 45th ST Seattle WA ( next to Babalu’s )

Eli Rosenblatt 9-Piece Band at Nectar, 9/4

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The former lead-singer and tresero of Picoso, Eli Rosenblatt, leads his new 9-piece band at Nectar on Saturday, 9/4.  They’ll be bustin’ out a mix of music styles from Salsa and Ska to Afro-Cuban Klezmer.

DJ Tomas in between the sets spinning Salsa, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Cuban, African, Reggae, and Kompa.  $7 (21+),  9pm

Featuring musicians:

Ahamefule J. Oluo: Trumpet, Clarinet
Ricardo Guity: Congas, Vocals
Teo Shantz: Drum Kit
Birch Pereira: Bass
Lalo Bello: Percussion
Cameron Peace: Electric Guitar
Michel Navedo: Trumpet
Timb Harris: Violin
Eli Rosenblatt: Tres, Vocals, Commentary

Video of the Week

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Salsa en la Calle Aug 29

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Hey all,

Next Sunday Aug 29 is the annual dance till you drop Salsa en la Calle festival.  Music starts at 11:30 am, goes till 11 pm, live bands all day! The event takes place by the river in downtown Portland, beneath the freeway overpass, so we’re protected from sunburn or rain if that happens. Best party of the summer! Bring comfy shoes, camping chairs and snacks. $15 for the whole day.

Some folks head down on Saturday, and go out to Mambo Lounge to dance too.

Cuban Salsa Workshops with Julian Mejia From SalsAtlanta- Sept 11-12

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As promised, here are the details of the workshops with SalsAtlanta’s main instructor for salsa casino, Julian Mejia. He is a popular casino/rueda instructors at rueda festivals all over the US and beyond. His teaching can be described as direct, with verbal detail emphasizing footwork, marking accents in the moves, and hand connection technique.  After you’ve taken his class, you will feel a difference in how you lead a complicated move and how to take simple moves and embellish them with style that has so much sabor you could taste it. It is a real treat to have him here in Seattle. Please DON”T miss this opportunity to learn from a top-notch casino instructor.


12noon-1pm – Adding Sabor to Your Basic Steps: This workshop is for all level of dancers who want to embellish their basic steps in rueda.

1-2pm – Casino Styling for Intermediate Dancers and Beyond: Learning who is really leading in casino dancing, and turn patterns from common rueda moves that you can combine easily, and hand to hand connection technique.

2:30-3:30pm – Casino/Rueda Technique Tune-Up Part 1: Learn to make your rueda/casino movement crisp and graceful. Learn about the importance of footwork, marking the accents in moves, hand connection with your partner, and being safe on the dance floor to minimize injury.

3:30-4:30pm – Caller Workshop – Pairing Rueda Moves to Keeping the Rueda Exciting: The focus in this workshop is on practicing calling, voice projection, body language, when to call the next move so as to combine two moves in one.


11am-12noon – Tightening Up Alarde, Gancho, and Looped/Knotted Moves: Learn how to execute moves with alternating ganchos and alardes and arm-twisting moves with grace and ease so that your partner doesn’t feel pulled, yanked and pushed.

12pm-1pm – Casino/Rueda Technique Tune-up Part 2: This is a continuation Saturday’s workshop on learn to make your rueda/casino movement crisp and graceful. Learn about the importance of footwork, marking the accents in moves, hand connection with your partner, and being safe on the dance floor to minimize injury.

1:30-2:30pm – Group Moves to Excite the Circle –  Group moves require teamwork, listening to the caller, and timed footwork. Learn to polish your moves with grace, synchronicity and body attitude in your movement.

LOCATION: Belltown Dance Studio, 2521 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

One class: $15 pre-reg / $20 door
Two classes: $25 pre-reg / $35 door
Each Additional Class: $10
All seven classes $65 pre-reg / $80 door

Make checks payable to Julian Mejia and send  your pre-registration to:       Maritza Baida: 2702 S. 12 St, Tacoma, WA 98405                                                Deadline for Pre-Registration is: Sept 10, 2010

Private Lessons with Julian on Friday & Saturday Fee is $50 per hour            Friday – 4pm, 5pm, or 7pm and/or Saturday – 10am, 7pm, or 8pm

E-mail Maritza for your reservation for a private lesson at or call her at (206)300-4523. Location for private lessons will be in Seattle. Location to be announced.

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