For those of you who know or have recently met Antonio and Heather, they have newly moved to Bellingham from Juneau, where they very successfully taught dance; their repertoire includes Rueda, Casino, Son and Afro-Cuban elements of dance, to name several.

(Antonio is also currently teaming with Besty as a guest instructor once a month, and the two together are teaching her Advanced Casino/Performance group on Mondays. He will also bring his experience with and knowledge about Cuban dance, to incorporate the teaching of ‘Son’ Rueda and Afro-Cuban movements within their circle.)

Heather and Antonio are beginning a Rueda and Casino presence and eventually will start teaching classes, up in Bellingham;  They are kicking off their FREE weekly “Rueda in the Park” this Saturday, from 4 – 11 pm.

Let’s gather our enthusiastic and experienced group from Seattle, and carpool up there to help them kick off their presence in Bellingham with a bang, and enjoy ourselves, dancing al fresco together in beautiful Bellingham!!

Find Antonio and Heather on Facebook: (“Rumba Northwest”)!/group.php?gid=115283911851849&ref=ts

Weekly “Rueda in the Park” event: (also posted on their Facebook page — see above)!/event.php?eid=138768129468643&ref=mf