Hi everyone!

If you were in San Fran, I hope you have recuperated. If you were not, I hope more of you can make it down next year.

I was doing a search for one of the instructors which brought me to a link which led me to this page, which has loads of photos from this weekend.

I emailed the owner of the website to ask if he’d be OK with my posting it here, and he said it was cool as long as it was a link that opened up his site in another page, so here it is: http://www.idyll.com/gallery2/v/arts/fest2/.

Please contact him directly (his email is on the bottom right part of the page) if you want prints of any of the photos.

I have not gone through all the photos of this year, as I was perusing the ones he has from last year. I’m sure the ones from this weekend are just as good.

Hasta pronto casineros!