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Warm up for a wild night with DJ Baracoa!

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Body Movement for Dancers Workshop- Saturday 23rd  at 7pm .

Todo Bien Studios 5417 Meridian Avenue 98103 in Wallingford

 This workshop is for all dancers as it stresses isolations, pausing, gesturing, and extensions. The music is a mixture of Hip hop, Reggaeton, Salsa, African beats, and Tango. An excellent workout. Drop-ins welcomed. Price $10.00

Lot’s of music for dancing this weekend …DJ Baracoa

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Hi Everyone…so you have lot’s of choices…maybe more than I know for getting out and dusting off those dance shoes this weekend.

Friday Night the 22nd is Thomas’s 21st birthday (again) @ Nector with the Round Trip event

Friday Night the 22nd also I’ll be Dj’ing at Meza again On capital Hill from 9PM-2AM – small dance floor but last time we rocked the joint till 3AM

Saturday Night the 23rd I’ll be back at Selenas 10PM-2AM for a night of salsa,timba,reggaeton and whatever else I brought back from Cuba

Miguel promised he get some signature rums this time…we’ll see you there

I’ll look for you on the dance floor…DJ BARACOA


Birthday Bash @ Nectar, Friday 1/22

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I hope you all can make it to my 21st b-day party at Nectar this Friday, 1/22. 

Lots of live music, dancers, and me spinning a world-wind of music.   And possibly a special guest singer from Haiti.   Free raffle for a chance to win tickets to the Mardi Gras Mambo! party in February.

Starts 8pm, $5.  FREE entrance if your birthday is in January.   nectarlounge.com  Sambatuque  tudobeleza.com  TubaLuba 

RoundTrip Birthday Bash 1-22 at Nectar

Vancouver Rueda Festival

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Hey All:

Just in regards to the comment regarding the hotel for the April 9-11 festival up here. 🙂 (Which I hope you are all coming up for!!!!! :D) You have to call in to get the rooms that have been put aside for the festival.  Please say that you are calling for the Rueda Festival when you book.  If you book online you will not be registering for the rooms set aside for us.  (and it seems like there aren’t any anyways)….Any questions?  Feel free to contact us on our website www.cubansalsavancouver.net  The Workshop schedule is just being finalized but we promise it will be a good time had by all 🙂 Can’t wait to dance with you guys!!!!! 🙂

Rueda Practice Today

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Hello My Favorite Peeps!
So last week we went over the Seattle signature move called “Paseo de San Juan” and I believe it is a longer count than what we were doing, so I have practiced it with Barbara so I believe we missed a count of 4 or 8..anyway..I figured it out and the last part of the walk is an 8 count. So it should slow it down for even a fast song. Another thing I want to go over in the very beginning is working on the “zig zag” walking transition between steps. This was something duane Wrenn had taught us so I’d like to review it again. Also let’s clean up the “dos con una” so it’s got some style in it. Then lastly, I though it would be a great time to try doing the rueda “por fuera” meaning dancing facing outside the circle rather than inside.

I wanted give you all an update about the big rueda grid. I am having graphic and technical difficulty getting it blown up to poster size so I will work on it and have it ready for next week. Very sorry it’s taking so long.

Looking forward to dancing with you today!!

Video of the Week

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Danzon in Atlanta:

Tuesday Multi-Level Rueda

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My grand plan is on it’s way and the Rueda de Casino class is now a Multi-Level class with 2 circles, drop in option is available and you can pay per class. Starting next Tuesday Dennis Richards will be joining me and we will have a beginners circle and an Intermediate/advanced circle. Maritza is planning to join us next spring which will allow us to have 3 circles, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The curriculum will be specific for each circle, reflecting the matrix of moves used by SeattleRueda practica and mastery of the moves will allow you to progress to the next circle. Please do join us, support us, drop in, visit, bring a friend, spread the word. And email with any questions. betsy@bienfeliz.com.

It costs $10 to be on the roster, here is the link to register.  
Even though it says Level 1, referring to beginner level, it is NOW , Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced

Nos Vemos,

Vancouver Rueda Festival: Apr. 9-11

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Cathie from Vancouver asked me to post info regarding the Vancouver Rueda Festival.  Here’s a link to the website.  Early bird tickets are on sale until February 15th.


Salsa This Saturday Jan 16th with DJ Baracoa @ Selenas !!!

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DJ Baracoa is Back !!!!

I will be  DJing this Saturday night at Selenas spinning the music you love plus there is a free dance lesson and NO COVER

Come early and enjoy the food. Miguel the owner has stocked up on specialty rums for the night.

He will also keep the kitchen open late for appetizers for those of you who get hungry after dancing you buts off.

It’s a go so come on down Saturday Night and tell your friends !!!!

It’s a great dance floor and I brought some new music back that you will enjoy !

Selenas Guadalajara

1715 N 45th next to Babalu’s

No cover

Free Dance Lesson 9:30 with Carlos Lazo from Havana Cuba  instruction of Casino Cubano

Music starts @ 10PM

Enjoy …see you there

DJ Baracoa

Rueda Demo, dancers wanted

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Hi Everyone,

The Experimental College asked if I would put on a Rueda demo at the “Red Sqaure” on the UW campus at 11:00 am this coming Tuesday. We can make it simple and super fun. I need at least 2-4 more dancers. If you are interested and available please email me. betsy@bienfeliz.com

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