This is a shout out to all of you beautiful people. Unknown to me …or maybe I forgot to listen….Balalus has schedualed a private party tomorrow night Wednesday the 25th so there will be no salsa there. I talked to Miguel – Owner of Selena’s Guadalajara next door to Babalu’s as you know – and he’s up for a night of dancing and music . If you are up for it too…– It’s a long weekend…get your turkey in early….text me at 206 8413426 or facebook me or email me @ and if enough people respond…I’m thinking 30+ ( Pancho from Cambalache has a group that wants to go out as does Georgia ) then I will book it. need to know by midday tomorrow ( Wednesday) so I can get Selena’s prepaired for the onslot.

Here’s to good times and good music and the dancing fever of salsa cubana…!!!

Cheers … Dj Baracoa