As some of you already know, Eddie maintains a subscription mail list formerly know as “Maiensy’s Dance Classes List.”  That list has become the Baile Cubano Mail List now.  It will continue to be used to notify people of special events.  It continues to be a moderated list meaning postings have to be approved by the moderator and that only the moderator has access to your email addresses.  This controls the volume, secures your emails and prevents spam.

The only difference is that you can now subscribe at will without having to send an email (and bribe) to Eddie asking him to add you to list.  TO SUBSCRIBE go to

In addition to notifying you of special events this list will be used as the primary guest list for parties like Havana Nights.  To make that a little easier, when subscribing please enter your NAME – ignore the “optional”, if you will.

Stay warm and dry!  See you soon, chaille