Geez Louise– getting to the Black Box theater was a little more complicated than I thought it would be. It’s on the bottom floor, and easiest to find from the southeast entrance to the building. If you go through the food court, walk towards the mainstage, look for the stairs to the left with the big hanging signs that say Book-it Theater and Children’s Museum. Take a right at the bottom of the stairs and follow the long hall all the way to the end.

Once you get to the Theater, take the double doors to the right of the Centerhouse Theater stage, through the velvet curtains and into the small hallway, and then take the even smaller hallway to the left all the way to the back. If you’re lost in the building, just call me at 353-3527 and I’ll be your personal St. Bernard dog through the wilderness.

Many thanks to those who persevered; the classes were great, and I’m really excited for tonight! Class at Black Box again tonight, University Heights on Wednesday and 8th Style School of Tango on Thursday.