Greetings Everyone,
I heard that rueda practice last week was challenging and I am using nice language. It sounds like Betsy did not get the opportunity to teach. It was agreed before rueda practice that Betsy was going to get child care paid so she can help teach and she did not get to teach because someone else (who had not been to our practicas at all in many year) took over. Maybe he didn’t know that there was a structure that needed to be respected. It seems only fair to have Betsy teach this coming Sunday. That would be the request I would like to make. Betsy is a great teacher and I learn a lot from her when she is there and many enjoy her teaching style. Let’s try it again and honor Betsy to teach rueda this Sunday. We love her!

Orlando and I are going to Southern California to visit my parents and I won’t be at practica to help teach this coming Sunday. We will be checking out the rueda classes that are offered in Los Angeles and joining “Rueda in the Park” for a day to see how they structure their rueda practices and learn any new LA rueda moves. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great time at rueda practice! I’ll be back to help teach practica the following Sunday (Nov 8th). I hope everyone is still practicing noventa, kentoqui a lo Cubano, dedo guarapo y bota, and dos con una (in tiempo EspaƱa position). What ever Betsy will teach, it will be awesome.