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Can you drop it like it’s hot? Really?!?

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Tomasito Timba Hip Hop Click to see video
Tomasito is one of the amazing Cubamemucho instructors who taught  in Edmonton in September. They’ll be back next year. Don’t miss it. 🙂
If this moves you then give a thought to coming to the Body Movement class each Saturday at 730 pm.   We mix Reggaeton, Dancehall, Casino, and hiphop music and dance styles in order to increase your overall dance ability. The music is top-notch also.
I’m looking for people who really want to fire up and free their bodies to the dance that is inside. Come whenever you’re in need.
Saturdays at Todo Bien Studios.  5417 Meridian in Wallingford. 98103 

Mojitos Cafe – Little Havana Nights

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FRIDAY NIGHTS…the place is Casa de Mojitos
Calling All – Timberos, Rumberos, Soneros, Reaggetoneros and dancers of all
Luam y Luigi invite you to join them for a night of Music and dancing. Come early and enjoy the food. Best Mojitos in town. Music by DJ Baracoa. The dance floor is open ( really…they throw all the tables outside at 10PM and the floor is for dancing.) NO COVER. music starts at 10PM
5253 Universiity Ave NE Seattle WA


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Just want to point out that Jose Carrion teaches son in Seattle every week. He is a true master of Cuban dance. I have been studying with him for years. Jose teaches son as an art form. You will dance son or rumba with style and flair after studying with him. His website is www.cubanfolkloricdance.com


Video of Final Summer Rueda 2009

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Hi all,
Here is a video of one of the Ruedas on that beautiful day.
I had to use youtube as it allowed me upload these large files.

To learn son …

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Hi there,

I hope to see some of you at the Roberto Borrell classes next week. Info is on Facebook here.

I’ve spoken to several people who are interested in learning traditional Cuban son, son montuno, cha cha cha, but missed Lance’s son workshop a few weeks ago …  and I have an opinion. Well, a couple of opinions.

One: Roberto Borrell’s classes are something you may never be able to experience again. It’s been years since he was in Seattle, and who knows how long before he might return. (I’ll be going. Even though I can’t afford it—I can’t miss it.)

Two: If you’ve not had any formal instruction in Cuban son previously, I highly recommend you get in touch with Lance Lu or Mainsy Sanchez (contact info on the Instructors page) and get yourself a private or small group lesson this week to add to Roberto Borrell’s classes. I was at Lance’s son workshop, which covered the basics from feet to head and conga to bongo very very clearly. Lance was able to explain to me things I’d seen without understanding, and I know I’m going to get a great deal more out of Roberto’s classes with the background Lance taught.

My more-than-two cents. Because I want to dance son with some folks …

See you there!

Library Post of the Week

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Did you watch the second episode of LATIN MUSIC USA last night? It was very informative and provided some interesting history and trivia. It is very similar to the AMERICAN SABOR exhibit that was at the Experience Music Project in 2007/2008. Overall, both programs give a good overview of Latin music in the US. (Now I get why I loved all those rock & roll bands my parents listened to from the 1950s. See “The Secret Latin Sounds of Rock and Roll.”  As a kid I’d get out their old records, and now it makes sense–that music had Latin influence. That was a “aha” moment for me.)

Check out the American Sabor website. Although, the exhibit is no longer at the EMP, the website still has some live links.

And, if you missed Latin Music USA–you can watch the entire program on their website.

Omar Sosa Afreecanos Quartet, 10/21 at TripleDoor

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If you haven’t seen the dynamic Cuban pianist Omar Sosa yet, then you’ll be in for a treat, and if you have you’ll be in for another treat with his new quartet featuring musicians & singer from Africa.  tripledoor.net    omarsosa.com

Sosa and his quartet will perform two shows at the TripleDoor tomorrow at 7pm & 9:30pm, so you can catch them before going to Teatro ZinZanni.  And I’ll be your MC at the 9:30 show.

Omar Sosa

Omar Sosa

Spanish Harlem Orq

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Anybody up for going to see SHO at Jazz Alley this week. It be nice to go in a group.

Havana Nights 2

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unleash the MUSEik!

(but turn down the volume)
Thank you all for the excellent feedback from the first party!
The second one is scheduled for Dec 4. Getting into the holiday season, so we will need your help to spread the word. Look for more information and a call for volunteers in the coming weeks. I know some of you are just dying to help decorate, make the space more personal and hang mood lights over in that make-out corner!

Rueda Practice: What to expect today

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Last rueda practice was a blast. Consistently reviewing what we did the week before is great for muscle memory. Let’s keep doing that. So lets keep practicing Ketonqui a lo Cubano, Setenta loco, barco valero and my favorite….dos con una (in the tiempo espana position). We may need to do a review of barco valero one more time during our new moves section and quickly go through setenta loco. I confess, setenta loco is not easy and it is an advance move so I don’t expect people to get it right away. That one takes practice and many reviews.

I do want to revive an old move “dedo guarapo y bota.” I am eager to add another old move during our new moves section but I am holding back. We have a lot already. If there is time, “enrosca” would be on my list. Maybe for next practice.

As for next week, I will be working all weekend at the college. I facilitate a diversity training for 25 students and it goes all the way into 4:30pm on Sunday, so if there is another instructor who would like to teach what we reviewed and introduce enrosca and keep practicing dedo guarapo y bota, barco valero, kentoqui a lo cubano and setenta loco, that would be great for everyone. See you at practica today!

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