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Intro to Cuban dance with Maiensy

Posted by on 31 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Instruction, Practice

Hi everyone,

I’ve arranged a 3-session introductory class with Maiensy Sanchez for 6 of my family and friends who want to learn the basic casino step, be introduced to Cuban rhythm and body movement, and feel more comfortable dropping in to Sunday practica to practice and learn more.

There’s space for another 1-2 people to join us in this class. Dates will be 11/6, 11/20, 12/4 evenings. If you have friends or family who might be interested, please have them contact me (Kyra) at 206-300-2601 by 11/4.


Rollcall: Mojitos Tonight?

Posted by on 30 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

Is anyone going to Mojitos tonight? With Halloween parties galore, there are lots of options, but this might be one of the last weekends there – the Univ Mojitos will be closing in the not too distant future.

An ongoing issue…

Posted by on 30 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Practice

I’d like to discuss an issue that has been ongoing for the past few years.  In the past few months I  heard that some new dancers were asked to leave rueda circles, with the implication that they were not good enough.  We’ve been through this many times, but still don’t have a consistent policy or direction. 

I feel that it is rude to ask a dancer to leave the circle.  If a new person doesn’t know a particular move then they can do guapea – what is the big deal?  Sometimes a train wreck might happen if someone doesn’t know a move – so we all get to practice recovering from train wrecks.  Usually a new person who doesn’t know the basics will self-select out of the advanced circle, but if they don’t we shouldn’t just kick him/her out.  

I’m all for having an advanced circle to do faster and more complicated moves, and the advanced dancers deserve to practice at a higher level.  But we need to find a way to achieve this without creating an atmosphere of exclusivity.  At one time we discussed creating a list of moves that everyone in the advanced circle is required to know before participating.  Great idea, but we never produced or published that list, so we are still in limbo.  Until we have such a list, I suggest the following:

1. As Nadja suggested, have a standard greeting for newcomers, explaining our practice structure and encouraging them to join practice from 4:30 to 5:30.  I feel that new people should be included in the circle for learning new moves with the rest of us (even if those moves are perceived as complicated).

2. The 5:30 – 6:30 advanced rueda circle should be explained.  We can ask new people to self-select whether they are experienced enough to keep up in the advanced circle.  If they feel they need more practice, they can use that time to work in a separate basics circle or with a single partner.  And it has been really helpful to have Kyra and Darrell, among others, to teach the basics to new people. 

We should strive to be inclusive to everyone while allowing everyone to dance to their level.  I think we can work toward that by being clear about our objectives and allowing some freedom of self-selection.  Until we have a more structured format for determining the qualifications for the advanced circle, we need to welcome  newcomers within the structure we have.

See you Sunday!


Salon de Baile Thursday night

Posted by on 29 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Social

Come to the Salon de Baile tonight to say goodbye to Roberto Borrell even if you can’t make class! 9:30- midnight, music by DJ El iPod de Roberto!

8th Style School of Tango, 5200 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105. One block north of Scarecrow Video, right next to I heart New York Deli. It’s a really cute space with a nice little dance floor; stop by before you go to the Parlor or Century!

Tonight’s the last night of class: Listening Class at 7:15, Popular Dance at 8:15. We barely made it to Son Montuno last night, still lots to learn!

Rueda Practice on Sunday: Let’s Try This Again

Posted by on 28 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Practice

Greetings Everyone,
I heard that rueda practice last week was challenging and I am using nice language. It sounds like Betsy did not get the opportunity to teach. It was agreed before rueda practice that Betsy was going to get child care paid so she can help teach and she did not get to teach because someone else (who had not been to our practicas at all in many year) took over. Maybe he didn’t know that there was a structure that needed to be respected. It seems only fair to have Betsy teach this coming Sunday. That would be the request I would like to make. Betsy is a great teacher and I learn a lot from her when she is there and many enjoy her teaching style. Let’s try it again and honor Betsy to teach rueda this Sunday. We love her!

Orlando and I are going to Southern California to visit my parents and I won’t be at practica to help teach this coming Sunday. We will be checking out the rueda classes that are offered in Los Angeles and joining “Rueda in the Park” for a day to see how they structure their rueda practices and learn any new LA rueda moves. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great time at rueda practice! I’ll be back to help teach practica the following Sunday (Nov 8th). I hope everyone is still practicing noventa, kentoqui a lo Cubano, dedo guarapo y bota, and dos con una (in tiempo España position). What ever Betsy will teach, it will be awesome.

Library Post of the Week

Posted by on 28 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Library Post of the Week

As I write I am watching the “In Performance at the White House: Fiesta Latina” and just heard President Obama say “Cuban Salsa” and he even got up to dance! If you get a chance, check out the program on PBS, it is the white house’s tribute to Latin music live at the south lawn of the white house. It aired on Oct 15th, and is airing again right now. This goes along well with my theme lately of Latin Music in the US.

I leave you with another book on the subject: The Latin Tinge: The Impact of Latin Music on the United States.

Mojitos Cafe – Little Havana Nights

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Casa de mojitos
FRIDAY NIGHTS…the place is Casa de Mojitos
Calling All – Timberos, Rumberos, Soneros, Reaggetoneros and dancers of all
Luam y Luigi invite you to join them for a night of Music and dancing. Come early and enjoy the food. Best Mojitos in town. Music by DJ Baracoa. The dance floor is open ( really…they throw all the tables outside at 10PM and the floor is for dancing.) NO COVER. music starts at 10PM
5253 Universiity Ave NE Seattle WA
link … http://www.lacasadelmojito.com/home.html


Babalus con Borrell Wednesday Night

Posted by on 27 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Cuba, Culture, Events, Music, Social

Sunset - Pinar Del RioCome on down to Babalus for a night of Live Music with Pancho the group Cambalache y DJ Baracoa between sets. I had a great time with Roberto this afternoon, grabbed a private lesson, and will be encouraging him ( It’s not that tough-he doesn’t sleep) to come to Babalu’s after the class Wednesday night. Should be a great night for all. Ciao Pescao

BABALUS corner of N 45th and Wallingford N in Seattle

Music Starts @ 10PM – NO COVER – 21 and over

Where the heck is class?

Posted by on 27 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Instruction

Geez Louise– getting to the Black Box theater was a little more complicated than I thought it would be. It’s on the bottom floor, and easiest to find from the southeast entrance to the building. If you go through the food court, walk towards the mainstage, look for the stairs to the left with the big hanging signs that say Book-it Theater and Children’s Museum. Take a right at the bottom of the stairs and follow the long hall all the way to the end.

Once you get to the Theater, take the double doors to the right of the Centerhouse Theater stage, through the velvet curtains and into the small hallway, and then take the even smaller hallway to the left all the way to the back. If you’re lost in the building, just call me at 353-3527 and I’ll be your personal St. Bernard dog through the wilderness.

Many thanks to those who persevered; the classes were great, and I’m really excited for tonight! Class at Black Box again tonight, University Heights on Wednesday and 8th Style School of Tango on Thursday.


Video of the Week

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