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Additional information about Cuban Intensive workshops

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Hello everyone,

Chen sent me some footage of the type of material that will be covered in her October 10th and 11th workshops. I hope that you guys can make all of them. Her dancing, and instruction, is amazing.  Here it is below. – Sueltas for women only! – cha cha cha – Reggaeton

Take care.  Dennis


Babalus Wednesday Night – Live band and Cuban Music

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Come and enjoy an evening of LIVE MUSIC and the between sets the DJ Sounds of Cuba from DJ BARACOA.

10 PM – 2 Am NO COVER 21/w id. Babablu’s, the Mambo Lounge corner of N 45th and Wallingford N in Seattle. Venga !!!! Esta Bueno Ya !

Cuban Dance Intensive workshops

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Cuban Movement Workshops
SAT. Oct. 10th 12-4pm and Sun. Oct 11th 2-4pm
Sat: Phinney Ridge Community Center         Sun:My World Dance Studio
6532 Phinney Avenue. 98103                        849 Hiawatha Place 98144
Adv. Casino dancing 12-1pm                         AfroCuban Intensives 2-3pm
Sabor workshop 1:15- 2:15pm                      Cha Cha Cha workshop 3-4pm
Sueltas for women 2:30-3:30pm                                             
Reggaeton (women only)3:45-4:45pm
1 class pay now 15.00 or $20..00 at door
2classes pay now 25.00 or $35.00 at door
$10.00 per each additional class
All 6 classes pay now 65.00 or $75.00 at door.  Privates are $70.00.
Prepayment required to hold spot for a private class.
Private classes are Fri 2-6pm, Sat 7-9pm and Sunday 7-9pm 
Pay for privates or preregister now at Dennis Richards  Then click on any blue paypal prompt on 
Fall 2009 Class Schedule page and click on Learn More under Send Money.
Register for classes by emailing


Reflecting on Rueda Practice

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Rueda practice was awesome last week. Thank you, Ofer, for being there and calling some ruedas. You are so good at calling. Please keep coming back. We love it! Upon reflection, about my last post on what I’d like to cover for practice, there is just not enough time to do all that I wanted and I want to respect the structure of our practice, so it seems better to do one move review in our beginners time, one new move in our “new moves” time and we just have fun in our last hour. Maybe after 6:30pm or in last hour (no teaching), we can practice some son ruedas to sharpen our ears and feet to the son beat. Kyra is right, this IS the time to dance “son.” We have so many resources, how can we NOT dance son.

For the beginners circle, I really would like to keep polishing our “dile que no’s (a.k.a DQN)” and “dame’s” without the “back step.” I noticed, as well as other leads, that follows are still doing the back step in our dames and DQN’s. So, lets practice “no back step” and walking forward.

For the new moves section (5:00pm to 5:30pm), Lance had taught a few weeks back the “dos con una” move and we don’t call it enough. It’s a great move ( and simple one) and can be added to tiempo Espana, after enchufla pero no, after llevala pa’pajo (abanico). It is a common one called in the east coast. Let’s practice that one.

In our last hour, I’ll be calling the coca colas at the end of other moves that we practiced last Sunday. Just so everyone knows, I am working on a written grid of four levels of casino/rueda moves, very similar to what the east coast rueda/casino instructors have. I am modeling Julian Mejia’s (from SalsAtlanta) grid. While working on this, we are really at intermediate level when we compare ourselves to the Atlanta and Miami ruedas. I’m bringing the grid they have and will pass it out to folks. I’ll also show you what I’ve been working on the make our SeattleRueda grid. Thanks to Suki, I have her many notes and documents of rueda moves that have been taught in the past and things she has collected over the years. We have so many resources, I feel lucky to share this all with you. See you at practice.

Video of the Week

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son, son, and more son …

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Wow, this is definitely the time to dance son! See posts below about Ann Reynolds’ mini workshop, Jose Carrion’s new CD, Lance Lu’s weekend workshop Oct. 10, and privates available with Maiensy Sanchez.

And … the SuperSones’ CD release party at Tractor Tavern on Oct. 15, the week following Lance’s workshop. Let’s all go dance some son!

Son workshop coming up Oct. 10

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SON WORKSHOP with Lance Lu

Time:  October 10th, Saturday, 1-3pm
Place:  Phinney Neighborhood Center
6532 Phinney Ave. N.  Room #2 (Blue Bld.)
Cost:  $20

Learn to dance to the sweet, sensuous music of son Cubano.  Son is arguably the most influential music to come out of Cuba and was the foundation of the international dance now known as salsa.

The workshop will cover:

•    Brief history of Son, from its origins in Oriente, to its evolution and influence on contemporary musica Cubana.
•    Basic footwork.  All good dancing begins in the feet and we will clearly explain and demonstrate the proper footwork to provide you with a solid foundation for dancing Son.
•    Afro Cuban movement.  Emphasis on correct body position and movement of the knees,hips,and torso to add Cuban “flavor” to your dancing.
•    Learn to dance Contra Tiempo  (dancing to the clave’, dancing on the “2”).  Expand your ability to hear and feel the music and dance with the clave’.

Please bring non marring dance shoes.  The workshop space has hardwood floors and mirrors.

Instructor:  Lance Lu
For Lance’s dance background, please go to the Instructors & Classes page.  Lance is also a teacher and performer on percussion.  He has recorded and performed with Seattle’s local Son group, SuperSones.  Currently, he is a guest performer with Charanga Danzon.  Lance will bring his knowledge as a professional musician, as well as a dancer, to teaching this workshop.

This Sunday Last Outdoor Rueda practice

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HI Everyone

This summer was fantastic! Great weather since May, huge weekly turnout and lots of great instruction from guests and local teachers! We’re all fired up, so let’ s keep it going. This Sunday is our last out door practice for the season. We have been lucky to secure Sonny Newman’s studio again for the fall & winter. Starting on Oct 4 that’s where we will be. Location is on 85th street, 1/2 block west of Greenwood, behind Gorditos.Sonny has a class starting this year right at 6:30, so please try to make it on time at 4:30, as we will have to pack up by about 6:20. Please remember to bring a few $ with you, we collect small donations to pay for the rent. And then to the taqueria afterwards!

Century Ballroom, anyone? Everyone!

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After you warm up at Mojitos wth DJ Baracoa tonight,  anyone game for trekking up the hill and descending on Century Ballroom?  We have a Rumbananaeira turned Seattlite who just moved to town, others itching to get out and dance on Saturday and people have been asking where to go.  Mariana is headed up there with a group in tow – anyone else?

If you can’t make it on Saturday, there is always Thurs and this one would be a great one to come out, show your support and create some chaos. 

Thurs Oct 1

Come claim the dance floor and help us make some noise!  Mariana and Carlos will be performing at the Century Ballroom. 

Happy Friday!!

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Here’s Yeni, to start your weekend off in a good mood!!
Here is a full-length Mi Mimi featuring Yeni, la vanvanera! – Sam

PS- Whatever happened to that US Tour that was going to happen this summer..guess Not! 😉

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