There are two distinct types of weight perception problems: it can be a visual phenomenon, or it can be mechanical. Let’s start with the latter.

The body is a machine, and it works in ways very similar to a car, hence we have:

    1. Legs = motor
    2. Hips and upper body = transmission
    3. Arms and hands = steering wheel
The machine will appear heavy when the hands transform the body into a trailer rather than behaving like a steering wheel, in order to spare the motor Compare Clip 6.1 and 6.2.
It’s also possible that the man, through it’s “driving”, forces the woman out of balance.  This occurs when he jerks the wheel, leading the woman to “hang on”. It’s important to understand that;
    1. The man suggests, but the woman has the last word;
    2. We do, we don’t «make do»: what you do in turn influences the other, but it’s not puppetry;
    3. The woman participates actively, you cannot and should not force her;
    4. Tension is contagious, tenderness isn’t: both partners must strive to maintain smoothness in the arms at all times, and regularly make sure that tensions did not appear;
    5. The best defence against tension is a shock absorber! Compare Clip 6.3 and 6.4.

Visual heaviness is a totally different phenomenon, which occurs when the weight transfers from one foot to the other are too sudden, or not gradual enough.  A one on the one marker makes it even worse.

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