Hi all,
I thought I’d expand the idea of everyone’s generous goodie offerings at the beach!
How many people don’t have time to eat before getting to Alki? or Sunday Practice?
How many people would appreciate the opportunity to have homemade goodies at Alki or Practice
this Summer?… and
help out charities in need at the same time?!
If so, let me know!
Currently, I have the opportunity and would like to do some baking for charity!
I’d like to start with Palačinke (Croatian Crepes) and possibly move on to Pogaca (Calzone-like).
Email me, fittingly….at…..palacinke45@yahoo.com to let me know how many palacinke you’d like
at the next Beach Party (might not be this Thurs..as there is rain in the forecast…so i will post again to remind everyone).
1. Palacinke sa marmeladom (crepe with jam)
2. Palacinke sa Nutella (crepe with Nutella)
$2 each.