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Video of the Week

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Bringing Cuban Salsa home and to the dance floor.

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Are you a Salsa dancer when you are out?  and a Rueda dancer on Sunday’s at Sonny Newman’s?  can’t figure out quite how to bring the two together on the dance floor?

The opportunity has arrived!  Learn to dance ‘Cuban Salsa’, Casino, with a partner (but no partner is necessary for registration), while we listen and dance to polyrhythmic Cuban music, and take Casino beyond the circle!

Register for Dennis’ four-week series, taught on Saturday evenings, from 6-7:15, so we can all crack it on the dance floor!

Grupo Ashé is in Portland on April 18 at Mambo Lounge!

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Hola Timberos!

Grupo Ashé has its Portland debut on Saturday April 18th at Mambo Lounge!

More information is at: or

See you there and as always Ashé pa’ ustedes.  Pedrito y Grupo Ashé   

But where is it Dennis?

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The Casino Basics class location is Todo Bien Studios on 5417 Meridian Way in the  Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. The zip code is 98103 if you want to look for it on Mapquest.


Want to be a better dancer?

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Are you serious about your Casino and Rueda dancing? Have you been feeling a disconnect between your dance moves and your dance ability? If so consider my Saturday Casino Basics class.

In Casino Basics we explore the nature of Casino dancing and how it relates to rueda. If you are interested in bettering your ability to dance and to improvise this is the class for you. Learn how to create tension and release, how to mark time, how to communicate with your partner, and how to dance with the music not against it.  This class is no longer a drop-in. A 4-week commitment is required from each student so that we can grow together.

Class price is $52.00 for the 4 week series. Please wear soft-soled shoes only. No high heels please.

Hours- Saturdays 6:00 to 7:15 pm

Los Van Van USA tour this Summer!?

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The AfroCuban All Stars broke the ice last month, and now Los Van Van is possibly coming for a tour this Summer.  Dates, cities, and venues all seem to be tentative and incomplete at this point, but it looks promising and it’s about time.

And to help get Los Van Van to Seattle ask the Showbox if they’ll book them for a Seattle concert.  Go to  and ask them to bring Los Van Van to Seattle.  And you can point the Showbox to these sites for more info. : or  Van Van played at Bumbershoot in 1999.

Los Van Van is back in the USA and has the exclusive news for you!

Although the dates and venues below are subject to change at this point; I can confirm that visa papers are in the works and that U.S. timba fans have alot to be excited about! I can assure you that Van Van will tour the U.S. this Summer! If you are in the West Coast do not worry, there are more dates to come. Thank you President Obama! Stay tuned to for the latest on Van Van in the U.S. tour news.


14/07/2009 Brownfield – MAINE (Stone Mt Arts Center )
17/07/2009 Lebanon – NEW HAMPSHIRE (Orpheum Theatre )
1807/2009 Ridgefield – CONNECTICUT (Ridgefield Playhouse )
20/07/2009 New York – NEW YORK(Summerstage )
21/07/2009 South Orange – NEW JERSEY(Sopac)
22/07/2009 Philadelphia – PENNSYLVANIA (Filmore@TLA)
24/07/2009 Wilmington – DELAWARE (Grand Opera House)
25/07/2009 Washington – DC (Lisner Auditorium)
26/7/20069 Vienna – VIRGINIA(Filene Center)
28/07/2009 Durham – NORTH CAROLINA (Carolina Theatre)
29/07/2009 Greenville – SOUTH CAROLINA (Peace Centar )
31/07/2009 Atlanta – GEORGIA (Fox Theatre )
01/08/2009 Jacksonville – FLORIDA (Florida Theatre)
02/08/2009 Clearwater – FLORIDA (Ruth Eckerd Hall)
04/08/2009 Melbourne – FLORIDA( King Center)
05/08/2009 Pompano Beach – FLORIDA (Pompano Beach Theatre)
06/08/2009 Fort Lauderdale – FLORIDA (Broward Center )

More dates to come …
* Dates/venue subject to change

Attn:All LosVanVan-Paulito-Manolin-Pupy-loving Charangeraphiles!

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Hello everyone. I would like to thank all of those who came out in support of the Rueda & Samba bootcamp. The next one is in the works now and you will be informed as to where and when it will happen.

Also, I am cancelling the 4-week rueda series that started this Monday due to lack of students.  However, since I have already rented the room up until the end of the month I will offer the following class next Monday the 30th in lieu of the regular class.

Monday, March 30: 7:00-9:00 pm

Casino dancing- Guapeando
1 hour and 15 minutes
Soft-soled shoes required
Guapea with the best. Dancing a strong guapea is the surest way to increase the enjoyment you get out of every dance. Develop a strong frame and “present yourself” with your hand placement. This is not a patty cake game. Connect with your partner and provide a spring and energy that prompts them to respond in kind. We will play with body-tilt, hand- angle, guapea direction, and the tension-release aspect of guapea as we finish it all of with travelling guapea.

Dancing– 45 to 60 minutes of dancing casino and rueda with the hottest Timba & Son music available. Make sure to bring your “A game”, dance until you sweat, and then take yourself home early or continue dancing at Halo(Capital Hill) until 11pm as we take the ruedas and salsa sueltas over there.

Class price– Class and dancing $13.00  Dancing only-$5.00

Phinney Ridge Community Center

6532 Phinney Ave. N
Seattle WA 98103
(206) 783-2244

Take care and I’ll see you out dancing somewhere.


Video of the Week

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New Rueda class with Cameron

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Fundamentals of Salsa Rueda beginning 3/6/09
Instructor:  Cameron Crowley

Beginning Rueda:  Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 pm
This class will cover the beginning moves, learning to use the dance circle, partnering skills, styling.  No experience necessary.  Learn the moves inside out.

Intermediate Rueda:  Thursdays, 8:00-9:00 pm
Learn the foundational moves such as setenta complicado, paseala, montana/dedo and coca-cola well enough to build on them for years to come.  Learn cuban and miami styling, advanced techiques such as grip changes and relationship to the circle.

Price:  $7 per class
Location:  Cameron’s house at 2919 27th Ave W near Dravus in Magnolia, Seattle

contact me at

Cuban music tonight — ADDRESS CORRECTION — please forward

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Hi all,

It was just pointed out to me that my last email left out the EAST in the address, thus directing you to the wrong place.

Please note that the address of the D.A.R. house on Capitol Hill is

800 EAST Roy

(if you’re not in a big white mansion, you’re at the wrong place!)

Hope to see you tonight.

You can still get advance tickets at until 2 p.m. After that, door tickets only (additional $5 per ticket)

Thank you,


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