Hi Peeps, I had a chance to go and learn some really cool moves while I was away two weeks ago. Here are the names:

In Atlanta, I went to Julian Mejia’s rueda de casino class and I learned: Talita and Panteon. I have these moves on a video so I am still working on breaking it down. I also learned, but still need some practice, a step called control. Julian might be teaching that one at the San Francisco festival.

In Miami, I went to Salsa Racing Studio’s rueda de casino class. My instructor was a guy name Julio. He was AWESOME! All done in Spanish.  In one night, I learned a bunch of moves, the one I cannot wait to teach is Kentoqui a lo Cubano.  The others are Rumbero, La Cunada,  and a couple of others I don’t remember the names. BUT, I have them on video, so I will break them down.

As some of you might have already known, my car died (too much wear & tear and the 3rd cylinder has lost compression) and I am now bus-dependant. I am very grateful to Jay Williams from Tacoma, who comes to pick me up when he can.  (THANK YOU, JAY!!) That said, I cannot guarentee I will make it to Sunday practice as often I would like.

So I have this idea, if anyone would be interested in coming to Federal Way one Saturday afternoon and we can have a little rueda lab session to help me break down the moves and just dance, I would so appreciate it.  After San Francisco, I know I will have even more to teach and share. Can we make an event around all this learning?—Maritza