English Spanish Translations What it really means
1 I don’t care a whistle. Me importa un pito. I don’t give a damn
2 I shit on the tomato’s mother. Me cago en la madre de los tomates. Damn it!- Something went wrong
3 Send eggs. Manda huevos. Unbelievable
4 He doesn’t shoot a pea No dispara un chicharo. A person who doesn’t do anything
5 I care three cucumbers. Me importa tres pepinos. I couldn’t care less
6 They took my liver out Me sacaron el higado. They truly pissed me off-They exhausted me
7 You have me until the last hair Me tienes hasta el ultimo pelo. Sick and tired
8 Children talk when the hens piss Los ninos hablan cuando las gallinas mean. Kids should be seen and not heard
9 You put the lid on the jar Le pusiste la tapa al pomo. The ultimate
10 What itches you? Que te pica? What the hell’s wrong with you?
11 You don’t paint anything. Tu no pintas nada. You’re irrelevant-You’re not effective
12 Let’s throw a foot. Vamos a echar un pie. Let’s get going – Let’s dance.
13 Eating what the chicken nibbles Comiendo de lo que pica el pollo. Wasting time-Not paying attention.
14 When the frog grows hair Cuando la rana crien pelo. Never going to happen-When chickens grow hair .
15 They are taking out our penny Nos estan sacando el kilo. Their getting the most out of us.
16 You left us planted Nos dejaste plantados. You stood us up.
17 It formed! Se formo! The shit hit the fan.
18 You’re salted. Estas salao. You are jinxed.
19 You ate it, brother. Te la comiste, mi hermano. You did great.
20 You are finishing Estas acabando. Same as above
21 This egg wants salt. Este huevo quiere sal. You want something from me.
22 You’re drinking my hair Me estas tomando el pelo. Pulling my leg
23 He doesn’t have hair in his tongue No tiene pelos en la lengua. Someone who’s very blunt.
24 Termites fell on the piano Le cayo comejen al piano. This is it!
25 Face of a stick Cara de palo. Poker face-A very fresh person.
26 Keep sleeping on that side Sigue durmiendo de ese lado. Keep dreaming
27 There is no evil that won’t come for good No hay mal que por bien no venga. Things happen for a reason-A blessing in disguise
28 I’m going to do of the fat sight Me voy hacer de la vista gorda. Looking the other way
29 He finished with the farm and the mangoes Acabo con la quinta y con los mangos He took it all
30 He is of country or death Este es de patria o muerte Do or die.
31 Heart of melon Corazon de melon. Sweetheart
32 Want to take low mangoes Quieres coger mango bajitos Won’t be taken for a fool
33 He doesn’t have two fingers of forehead No tiene dos dedos de frente. Very dumb
34 At one my mule A la una mi mula. On the double.
35 For later is late Para luego es tarde. Let’s do it now-Let’s get going
36 The shrimp that falls asleep, the current takes away Camaron que se duerme se lo lle a la corriente. Don’t leave for later what you can do today – You’re an idiot
37 We were few and Catana gave birth Eramos pocos y pario Catana. Too many of us
38 Bad lightning break you Mal rayo te parta. Drop dead
39 In saint of what? A santo de que? Why the hell…?
40 In case of the flies Por si las moscas Just in case
41 Little feet, what do I want you for Paticas pa’ que te quiero. I’m outta here like a bat outta hell
42 What about you? Y tu que? What’s up?
43 You’re in the moon of Valencia Estas en la luna de Valencia. You’re spaced out
44 He’s looking for the four legs of the cat Le anda buscando las 4 patas al gato Getting too picky
45 From lame waters help me God, from the big kahuna, I’ll help myself De aguas mansas me salve Dios, que de las bravas me cuido yo. Still waters run deep
46 He’s shitted Esta cagao. He’s lucky
47 Here you don’t give feet Aqui no das pie. You’re getting way over your head
48 You came to dance to the house of the top Viniste a bailar a casa del trompo. Same as above
49 To shut up to your hens! A callar a sus gallinas! You don’t shoosh me!
50 From Christmas to St. John De pascuas a San Juan. Once in a blue moon
51 Careful, the devil knows more for being old than for being the devil Cuidado que mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo. Trust me, I’ve been around the block and know what I’m saying
52 Throw the rock and hide the hand Tira la piedra y esconde la mano. A sneaky person who likes to stir trouble
53 I had fun like a midget Me divertí como un enano. I had a great time