Yes we can AND yes we did. Thanks to all of you for showing up, dancing. laughing and helping promote Rueda in Seattle today at the Seattle Center. It was a lot of fun.  My hope is that more people locally can be exposed to this wonderfully fun dance.  I guess we are Seattles’  ” rueda ambassadors”.  So minus a fancy outfit and perfect moves and even minus a mic(just for now ha ha) we went out a spread the word and more importantly we shared the feeling of rueda.  That was cool.

One of the best comments that I heard about today’s rueda came from a women who said “You guys made it look accessible. It wasn’t just ‘look at me– I’m the perfect dancer’– but more so something that you could see yourself doing.” 

To me that was a great compliment to us as a group.  Let’s never stop being who we are for the sake of  being perfect.  Let’s keep having fun and blustering our way through moves, and making gaffes, and most importantly enjoying our time together. I can tell you that I surely had a good time with all of you.  May you all enjoy the rest of this holiday season and have a very happy new year.