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Bahia in Motion Holiday Party

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Please join us for Bahia in Motion’s Holiday Party!  Spread some cheer as we get ready to ring in 2009.  Saturday, December 27th 5-7pm Planet Earth Yoga 418 N. 5th St. Pot Luck; Demo.’s from Bahia in Motion’s Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian Dance Classes; Pictures and Music from Salvador, Brazil BRING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! ~Please wear white~ A Bahian tradition around the New Year….:)

We hope to see you there!!

Aileen and Daniel Bahia in Motion 206-518-3421

Charanga Danzón and Grupo Ashé Concert Postponed

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Dear Friends of Charanga Danzón and Grupo Ashé,


Seattle is in the throes of a winter freeze! Due to the uncertainty of the weather for the next 24 hours, and the fact that driving could remain extremely difficult, we feel that the only safe thing to do is to postpone our event for sometime in January or February. We really hope that you can come to the rescheduled event!


Of course, if you have already purchased your tickets, you will hear from Brown Paper Tickets today and will receive a refund.


If you would like to know when the event will be, PLEASE send a message directly to Irene Mitri at because Brown Paper Tickets respects your privacy and does not distribute your email addresses.


Thank you for your support, and hope to see you at our rescheduled event in the New Year. Happy holidays!


Irene Mitri


Tatiana had her baby!

Posted by on 17 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

For those of you who got to know Tatiana over the summer…

A few of your had asked and I talked to Tatiana and her husband recently…

She had a baby boy on Nov 21st! He is named for his late grandfather (who was a good friend of my parents): DEMOS GREGORY APOSTOLOU

She is well and hopes to be out dancing sometime soon.

Rueda at Seattle Center

Posted by on 17 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

Hello there everyone. Hopefully you all are staying warm in this chilly weather! Here’s something that might warm you up a bit.

December 28th the Seattle Center will have their annual Winterfest. I have been invited to dance a rueda there, and I’m having problems doing the calling, dancing and switching partners all by myself. So I’m looking for volunteers. It will be on a Sunday between 11:30 and 2:00pm. I have not been given the exact time for the performance yet. If you are interested in participating send me an email at

See you Friday night.

Un abrazo.

Xmas plans

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Hey everyone,


Rob from Salsa Vale Todo (San Francisco) here. Cat advised for me to post here about possible plans for the Xmas weekend. I’ll be in town from the 24th to the 28th. I’ll probably stop by the Century Ballroom on the 28th. Anyone else going to be around?

lost your shoes yesterday?

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I found a ‘gap’ bag with 2 pairs of men’s shoes and took them home. If they are yours, speak up. Maybe someone left them from a previous class?


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HI Everyone

We tried to rent the space Nadja used but didn’t get enough response from everyone to really afford it : (
BUT! We have had a generous offer from Irina to have a party at her house! It will be pot luck, byo, and lots of dancing. Eddie will bring music and Congri.
Here is her note , and address. Hope lots of you can come shake your booty in with the new year with your friends!

Please call Irina if you can volunteer to get there earlier and help her move some furniture.

11502 19th Ave NE
Seattle WA 98125

I think we should start at around 8-9pm. yes, potluck style would be the easiest for me. Eddie, you’re bringing music equipment, right? I may need a few volunteers to help me carry out the furniture into garage to create more dance space. I have some about 16 chairs, though i don’t think we need or can fit more into the house, if everyone is dancing.


practice today

Posted by on 14 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

HI all

I have the key, and plan to be there unless it starts dumping snow around 4 pm. In that case I won’t make it. Anyone coming from north of 85th that can drive in the snow is welcome to pick me up if it is snowing! see you soon! 206-372-4215 if you need to call me.

Video of the Week

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From Dennis’ archives:

Charanga Danzon & Grupo Ashé, Friday 12/19

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Who: Charanga Danzon and Grupo Ashé

When: Friday, December 19, 2008, (Concert by Charanga Danzon at 7:30-9pm.  Dance with Grupo Ashé at 9:30-11:30pm)

Where: Rainier Chapter of the D.A.R.  at 800 Roy Street (Capitol Hill), Seattle

You can buy tickets for the concert, dance or both (all tickets include dessert buffet, coffee and tea).

Concert $20  

Dance  $15  

Concert & Dance $25

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