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New CD from Soneros All Stars

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The new CD from Soneros All Stars, La Timba Soy Yo, is amazing and includes many guest singers and musicians from top bands including Pupy and a couple of his main singers, Mandy and Pepito,.

It seemlessly mixes together the styles of timba with changüí and son.

Currently, it seems to be available for sale only from their websites, or

Video of the Week

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Santa Monica:

Sunday practica – good news!

Posted by on 20 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

Hi all,

Remember, we’re meeting outdoors the next two Sundays. If the weather’s wet and you don’t see us at Wallingford Steps, head east to the covered picnic area in Gasworks Park. A little rain can’t get Seattleites down!

The good news is we have a great spot for winter practices, beginning the first Sunday in October. Barbara talked to Sonny Newman and got us booked every Sunday, from 4:30 to 6:30, at his dance hall in Greenwood. It’s a great space in a great location, easy to get to by bus (#5, #48), plus with parking. (Right next door to Gorditos, too.)


Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall
201 N 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
Sunday, October 5, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Please bring dance shoes, socks, or clean shoes that haven’t been used on the street, so we treat his floor well and will be welcomed back!
We ask for a $5 donation each Sunday from each person who attends, to cover the rent. In addition, we ask if there are 8-10 regulars who’d be willing to bring $10 or $20 in advance, to one of our September outdoor practices, so we can pay the first month’s rent in advance. (I’ll have a book set up, so those people will essentially be paying up front for the last month before summer, and can dance for free in May.)
Barbara and I are both available for questions either online or at practice. See you Sunday!

Looking for Timba DJ to play in Vancouver!

Posted by on 19 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

Hola Casineros:

This is Julio from Vancouver. I teach Cuban salsa & Rueda de Casino here and I’ve been organizing a once-a-month event called Cuban Fiesta which is pretty much a night for everyone who loves Timba to come and shake it. We have a beautiful, spacious venue in downtown Vancouver and we’re throwing our next party on Saturday the 27th. I wanted to extend an invitation to all Seattle casineros who would like to attend this event and I’d also like to put the word out there that I’m looking for a new face to DJ along with me at the party. In the last party I played a furious mix of timba with dosis of Salsaton, Reggaeton and some bachata and merengue. I can be reached at


Farewell to a friend

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Hi all
Not everyone had a chance to get to know George Darna, the great dancer who was here a good part of the year from Miami. I spent quite a bit of time with him and his mom, while he was going thru some rough treatments for his cancer. He left Seattle a few months ago for Miami, and he was well. A group of us signed and sent a card to him a few weeks ago, which he loved. Today I heard that he passed away, at the age of 25. Send some good thoughts out his way and dedicate a dance for him. He was quite a trooper and went through so much, always wanting to get back to dancing.

Call for Guerilla Casino Party

Posted by on 17 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

September has been such great weather and we haven’t been taking advantage of it – so how about another outdoor thursday night dance party ?

My suggestion is under the space needle.  7pm onward.

I’ve called our music minister Jan to see if the fancy sound system is available – otherwise we can work with a boom box &  batteries.

Who is in ?

Maraca concerts on 9/26 & 9/27

Posted by on 16 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: Events, Music

How many Cuban bands come to the States to perform?  Very, very, very few and rarely over the past 6-7 years.  So, here’s a chance to see Maraca performing two concerts this month in the Seattle-Tacoma area.  

He’ll be in Tacoma on Friday, 9/26 at South Puget Sound Community College Theater (it’s a really nice theater), at 8pm for $25.  Then Saturday, 9/27 at Century Ballroom at 9:30pm for $30-$35,  The show in Tacoma is seating only, so the show there will likely be different than the one at Century, which will host lots of dancing.  

His new album is danceable all the way through.  You can hear some samples on Prodland  or hear music and watch videos on his site:

Video of the Week

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Hi, everyone!

Posted by on 14 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: Kick Me !! (the poster)

You don’ know me from Adam, but hopefully we’ll get to meet in a couple months. My name is Jay and I’m from Tacoma, but have been travelling in South America since February. When I began my trip, I had never heard of Rueda de Casino, but first saw it in Rio de Janeiro and thought it was amazing. I began learning it in Buenos Aires—besides getting back into Salsa, since I hadn’t danced in over a year—and am trying to continue dancing as I travel, although it’s not always easy to find places. Right now, I’m in Salta, Argentina, and there is a wonderful place that has Rueda de Casino classes 3 times per week (!), so I’m having a blast and making new friends.

From here, I’ll be heading up into Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dance in La Paz and Lima. If I make it to Columbia before running out of money, I’ve heard there’s lots of Salsa there. We’ll see.

For anyone who’s interested in following the rest of my trip—or reading about it up ’til now—you’re welcome to take a look at my blog and my photos:

Blog—Travels in Latin America
Photos—Jay Philip Williams Photographic Design

I’m looking forward to meeting you all when I get home!


P.S. Ofer—cool new moves, and what an amazing place to learn them!

Moves from Havana in Alaska

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J & I will be in Wallingford this afternoon – so my plan is to come to practice (for a change ;-)). I hope to share some of the moves we learned on the cruise. You can see some of them here:

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