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Video of the Week

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Mucho Musica this month

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SEP 11th: Orchestra Zarabanda at SAM for the Earshot Jazz Art of Jazz series. 5:30-7pm. The info page says “Free with museum admission” but the word from the people at SAM is that the band plays in the lobby, and you don’t necessarily need to pay museum admission.

SEP 14th: Orchestra Zarabanda at the Benaroya 10th Anniversary Day of Music and Art block party celebration (40 groups on 6 stages and free admission to the SAM permanent collection). We play 10:45-11:15AM.
Full schedule of events and info here:

SEP 14: Elspeth Savani and Latin Soul (latin jazz quintet): Seattle Center Fiestas Patrias celebration. Come for our set on the Center House Stage at 2:55 pm or come for a whole afternoon of music and dance performances.

SEP 20: Elspeth Savani and Latin Soul at Third Place Books. 7:30-9:45 pm.

Xtreme Cuban Salsa Weekend is coming!!

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Rumbanana’s Cuban Weekend October 17-19 is going to be here before you know it!

Joining the party are Henry Herrera (SalsaRacing, Miami), Duane Wrenn and Maribel Vasquez (Energetic Soul, Detroit), our very own…Jose Carrion (Academy of Cuban Folklore and Dance, Seattle), Julian Mejia (Salsatlanta, Atlanta) and many others.

Click the LINK below to go to the website with all the info, including all the Hotel information you need.

I’ve already booked my accommodation at the Days Inn, where they have a discount for the event. I plan to go down by train! Those who are willing to live by the train schedule are welcome to join me…as I would enjoy the company. Although, I understand that piling into a car is more economical and gives you more flexibility. It would be great to have a nice group from Seattle represent and have an amazing time down in Corvallis.

Cheers, Sam

Maraca at Century Ballroom on Sat, Sept 27

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I saw Maraca live about 5 years ago at Century Ballroom, a year after having heard of them, and they were amazing! If anyone wants to borrow some of their music that I have, let me know. It is very danceable and super high energy. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for a good show to attend. I’m planning on going (I noticed that they are playing in NYC a few days after the show here).

Kyra – Thanks for posting a reminder that rueda happens on Sundays whether it rains or shines.

Casino on Cardboard – CANCELLED Thurs, August 28

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Sorry fans of Alki Beach parties, but once again we will have to cancel for tonight (Th, August 28).  The weather is iffy combined with the fact that after several attempts I wasn’t able to coordinate getting the supplies to Alki on time.  (Good thing is that this was a first, usually there is availablity.)  Please let those you know, who were planning on coming under the clouds, of the cancellation.

Reminder that next Thursday, Sept 4, Grupo Ashé will be playing at Nectar Lounge.

Happy end of August 2008, and we’ll be back at Alki in 2009.

Georgia, et all

Folks needed for a demo Sep 6

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HI all
a woman called me who is in charge of a large event for the refurbished ‘statue of liberty… west” on Alki. The event is on Sat the 6th. She would love to have a demo of Rueda if we can gather enough people, minimum 6? The time would be 4:30 pm. Betsy has offered to coordinate this. Please email her if you are able to be part of the demo at

Casino on Cardboard, Thurs, August 28 – 2008 FINALE

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2008 FINALE: Summer is coming to an end and tomorrow night, Thursday, August 28th will most likely be the last Casino on Cardboard for this summer.  (Why you ask? Next Thurs, Sept 4th Grupo Ashé at Nectar and that brings us to mid-September already when sunsets will be even earlier…we’ll see if a 2008 encore is possible.)

JOIN US: Come join us tomorrow night to enjoy the last of Alki nights with Cuban music, rueda, casino, timba, friends, and the sunset.  7pm

RAIN PLAN: Unfortunately, there is a slight chance of rain, it is summer in Seattle.  Check back late afternoon day of if it looks iffy. Also some logistics still need to be worked out, so check back for a confirmation no matter what.

WHERE TO FIND US:  Alki Beach on the sandy strip off of Alki Avenue SW in West Seattle.  Our exact location on the strip of sandy beach may change each week depending on availability.  (We are usually at about 57th Ave SW near Duke’s Chowder House.  Park and simply listen for Cuban music to find us.)

Rueda in the rain

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Hi all,
Just want to let you all know for sure — if you let the rain stop you from coming to Sunday practica last week, you missed out! We entertained the pigeons in the Gas Works park picnic area for a couple hours, learned siete-setenta, setenta Miami, and setenta complicada (guys, I’ve forgotten complicada already, you’ll have to remind me), and generally had a lot of fun.

Also, here’s a video Dean took of the practice Sunday before last, in the sun …

See you Sunday!

the smile on my face is stuck

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hey friends
next year we ALL have to go to salsa en la calle. for those who have been before you know, and those who have never been… well, it’s probably the most fun dance event ever. We were there from the first band to the very end and tried to dance the whole time! We also met a wonderful group of folks from Eugene and joined in rueda with them.
thanks again to the gang that went this year! You now have 364 days to plan for that Monday off : )

Video of the Week

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Cubano in the U.K.

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